Renewal Scorecard 2018-2019: What's Coming Back?

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With the rise of cable and streaming networks, it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of what's actually coming back for additional seasons. 

TV Fanatics need to be informed of these things, so we have compiled a list of shows that have been renewed from the broadcast, cable and even streaming networks. 

Be sure to bookmark this page because it will be updated regularly as the news floods in. 

Find out which shows have been canceled right here. 

1. Criminal Minds - CBS

Criminal Minds - CBS
Renewed for Season 14!

2. Speechless - ABC

Speechless - ABC
Renewed for Season 3!

3. Blindspot - NBC

Blindspot - NBC
Renewed for Season 4!

4. The 100 - The CW

The 100 - The CW
Renewed for Season 6!

5. 9-1-1 - Fox

9-1-1 - Fox
Renewed for Season 2!

6. AP Bio - NBC

AP Bio - NBC
Renewed for Season 2!

7. Arrow - The CW

Arrow - The CW
Renewed for Season 7!

8. The Big Bang Theory - CBS

The Big Bang Theory - CBS
Renewed for Season 12!

9. Black Lightning - The CW

Black Lightning - The CW
Renewed for Season 2!

10. Blue Bloods - CBS

Blue Bloods - CBS
Renewed for Season 9!

11. Bull - CBS

Bull - CBS
Renewed for Season 3!

12. Days of Our Lives - NBC

Days of Our Lives - NBC
Renewed for Season 54!

13. Dynasty - The CW

Dynasty - The CW
Renewed for Season 2!

14. Empire - Fox

Empire - Fox
Renewed for Season 5!

15. The Flash - The CW

The Flash - The CW
Renewed for Season 5!

16. The Gifted - Fox

The Gifted - Fox
Renewed for Season 2!

17. The Goldbergs - ABC

The Goldbergs - ABC
Renewed for Season 6!

18. The Good Doctor - ABC

The Good Doctor - ABC
Renewed for Season 2!

19. Good Girls - NBC

Good Girls - NBC
Renewed for Season 2!

20. The Good Place - NBC

The Good Place - NBC
Renewed for Season 3!

21. Grey's Anatomy - ABC

Grey's Anatomy - ABC
Renewed for Season 15!

22. Hawaii Five-0 - CBS

Hawaii Five-0 - CBS
Renewed for Season 9!

23. Jane the Virgin - The CW

Jane the Virgin - The CW
Renewed for Season 5!

24. DC's Legends of Tomorrow - CW

DC's Legends of Tomorrow - CW
Renewed for Season 4!

25. MacGyver - CBS

MacGyver - CBS
Renewed for Season 3!

26. Madam Secretary - CBS

Madam Secretary - CBS
Renewed for Season 5!

27. Midnight, Texas - NBC

Midnight, Texas - NBC
Renewed for Season 2!

28. Modern Family - ABC

Modern Family - ABC
Renewed for Season 10!

29. Mom - CBS

Mom - CBS
Renewed for Season 6!

30. NCIS - CBS

Renewed for Season 16!

31. NCIS: Los Angeles - CBS

NCIS: Los Angeles - CBS
Renewed for Season 10!

32. NCIS: New Orleans - CBS

NCIS: New Orleans - CBS
Renewed for Season 5!

33. The Orville - Fox

The Orville - Fox
Renewed for Season 2!

34. The Resident - Fox

The Resident - Fox
Renewed for Season 2!

35. Riverdale - The CW

Riverdale - The CW
Renewed for Season 3!

36. Roseanne - ABC

Roseanne - ABC
Renewed for Season 11!

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