Castle Photos from "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

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A murder of a high school mean girl sends Castle and Beckett back to school. 

Check out these preview photos from Castle Season 6 Episode 15, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" scheduled to air Monday, February 17th on ABC.

1. High School Is Murder

High School Is Murder
The death of a teenaged girl sends Castle back to one of his former high schools to investigate the possibility of a telekinetic killer.

2. Happy to See Castle

Happy to See Castle
Is the high school principal happy to see Rick Castle back at school...or just hoping for a sizable donation?

3. Waiting in the Hallway

Waiting in the Hallway
The murder of a mean girl has Beckett and Castle waiting in the hallway to get answers.

4. What's Rick's High School History?

What's Rick's High School History?
Is this one of the many schools that Rick Castle was kicked out of? We'll find out on "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

5. Castle's Alma Mater

Castle's Alma Mater
Will Kate get some stories about Castle's teenaged years as well as answers into her murder investigation?

6. The Permanent File

The Permanent File
Do you think this high school will still have Rick Castle's permanent record on file?

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