Castle Photos from "Veritas"

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Flip through these ABC images from Castle Season 6 Episode 22. The installment is titled "Veritas."

1. A Secret Investigation

A Secret Investigation
Things get serious when a man Beckett was secretly watching is killed on Castle. "Veritas" is the 22nd episode of the show's sixth season.

2. Who Is the Dead Man?

Who Is the Dead Man?
Who is the dead man that Kate had under investigation and how was he killed? "Veritas" is scheduled to air Monday, May 5th.

3. Did Castle Know?

Did Castle Know?
Kate has a long history of keeping secrets. If she was performing her own private surveillance operation, did she share it with Castle?

4. Gates Can't Be Happy

Gates Can't Be Happy
We can't imagine that Capt. Gates is happy to find out that Kate has been hiding her own private surveillance operation but the question is, what will she do about it.

5. Keeping Them in the Dark

Keeping Them in the Dark
Did Beckett keep Ryan and Esposito in the dark about her current investigation into her mother's murder?

6. Will Gates Have Her Back

Will Gates Have Her Back
Will Gates have Beckett's back when she find out that Kate's been running her own private investigation on Castle?

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