Castle Season 6 Promo Photos

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Check out these new promotional photos for the second half of Castle season 6. 

Pretty great shots, huh?

1. In Case You Missed It

In Case You Missed It
In case you missed it, here's Kate Beckett in the wedding gown given to her by Matilda King. Should it be THE dress she wears when she finally walks down the aisle?

2. Beautiful in Print

Beautiful in Print
Lanie Parish looks absolutely beautiful in this print dress and we love the shoes!

3. Made For One Another

Made For One Another
So are Lanie and Esposito made for one another, or should they go their separate ways?

4. It's Unanimous

It's Unanimous
We think it's unanimous. We all want to see more of Dr. Lanie Parish on this season of Castle.

5. Exuberant Fashion Choices

Exuberant Fashion Choices
As much as we normally love Martha's exuberant fashion choices, we're finding these pants questionable.

6. Stepping In

Stepping In
We really do hope that Martha steps in and helps Kate with wedding plans since Beckett's own mother isn't able to fill the role.

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