CBS at Midseason: What Will Get Renewed?

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CBS has been a dominant Broadcast network for several years, but they took several risks this season in terms of programming. Did it pay off?

Supergirl has done OK on Monday nights. It started high and dropped a lot, before leveling off at OK ratings. 

It's obvious with some of the shows CBS has this season, that they are trying to go after the younger audience. It's not surprising considering there is still money to be made by catering for 18-49 year olds. 

None of the new CBS shows have been outright flops, but they won't all be making the cut for sophomore runs. 

1. The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory
The show is down almost 10%, but is still the number 1 show on the network. A 3.96 rating among 18-49 is a smash hit these days. Among total viewers, it's averaging 15.51 million viewers. Over on the DVR, the show is gaining over 60% within a week. The show is already renewed, unsurprisingly.


This show has declined less than 10% this season, continuing to rate very well. Season 13 is averaging a 2.22 rating among people 18-49 and 16.91 million viewers. Delayed viewing on DVR's is adding just under 40% per episode this season. This show isn't going anywhere.

3. Life In Pieces

Life In Pieces
After a big drop between the first and second episodes, this comedy has stabilized at renewable numbers. It is losing half of it's Big Bang lead-in, but it's currently the third highest rated show on CBS. DVR ratings aren't all that for this show, but I expect it to at least see a partial sophomore run, away from The Big Bang Theory.

4. Supergirl

After a high flying premiere, Supergirl declined sharply and is averaging a 1.93 rating and 8.66 million viewers. The show is adding over 40% with DVR. The numbers won't be what CBS hoped, but it's stabilized and is currently looking good for a renewal. Any more erosion, then the axe could swing come May.

5. Scorpion

Scorpion is down over 20% in Season 2 and is currently averaging a 1.81 rating and 9.48 million viewers. The show is gaining over 50% more viewers in delayed viewing. Add that to the stellar live ratings and you have an easy renewal.

6. NCIS: New Orleans

NCIS: New Orleans
The sophomore run is currently down just under 20% to a 1.68 rating and 12.96 million viewers. The show adds a meagre 20% with DVR, but it's live ratings and the fact it's part of the NCIS brand will see it run another few years.

7. Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds
This drama has slid 23% and is currently averaging a 1.65 rating and 8.62 million viewers. Most recent figures put delayed viewing at 73%. This one is pretty safe for now. Expect a move to either Friday, or Sunday before CBS gives up on it.

8. 2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls
2 Broke Girls has dipped 20% so far this season to a 1.63 rating and 6.23 million viewers. It has moved to a new night and it's moving again in January to uncharted sitcom waters for CBS. Will it be able to survive? This one is very much a bubble show.

9. Mom

This buzzy sitcom was expected to grow again this year, but Season 3 is down 30% to a 1.60 rating and 7.16 million viewers, but the syndication gods demand another season, so it'll be around next season.

10. Limitless

This freshman drama started strong, but has been steadily declining all season. Current averages are a 1.54 rating and 8.16 million viewers. Good thing the show is adding on over 60% with DVR. I'm not too sure this will be enough to save it, but stranger things have happened.

11. Madam Secretary

Madam Secretary
This sophomore drama is down just 10% from Season 1, which is very respectable considering it's a Sunday drama that suffers a lot of pre-emptions. Current averages are a 1.27 rating and 10.36 million viewers. The show doesn't do that well on the DVR, with gains under 20%. Acclaim will see this show get to four seasons. Anything beyond that, I'm not so sure about.

12. Code Black

Code Black
This medical dram is a bit of a wildcard. It started just OK and dropped, but the past two episodes have matched the series high. Averages are currently at a 1.26 rating and 7.13 million. DVR ratings are over 40%. The show currently has a five episode back order, but if it stays even with the recent gains, it could get more episodes and a second season.

13. NCIS: Los Angeles

NCIS: Los Angeles
This drama is down over 20% and is currently averaging a 1.25 rating and 8.18 million viewers. The show is gaining 73% more within a week. Look for a renewal, but a move to Sunday next season.

14. Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods
This Friday night drama is down 7% from last leason to a 1.20 rating and 10.55 million viewers. It is adding over 40% within a week and all signs are pointing to another season.

15. Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii Five-0
This show has been dropping steadily for a few years now. Season 6 is averaging a 1.08 rating and 8.77 million viewers. The show does gain another 30% within a week, but this is very much a bubble show.

16. The Good Wife

The Good Wife
This much loved drama is down 15% to a 1.06 rating and 8.34 million viewers. This drama doesn't get much of a bump on the DVR, but awards love has saved it before and could again. Will CBS renew it? Your guess is as good as mine.

17. Elementary

Dropping almost 30% to a 0.95 and 5.41 million viewers won't help build a case for another go around. DVR ratings are high. 89% is a big bump for a show like this. Add in that the show is making it's episodic budget back through other revenues, puts this one firmly on the bubble.

18. CSI: Cyber

CSI: Cyber
This show should not even have been renewed last season. Season 2 is down 40% to a 0.85 rating and 5.97 million viewers. The show doesn't get a bump on DVR and doesn't get awards love. Season 2 will mark the end of this series and the franchise.

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