Emmy Nominations 2017: The Biggest Snubs!!

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What nominations did we expect to appear on the 2017 Emmy Ballot?

Well, let's just say our list would have looked a little bit different.

The following would have been included, for sure!

Let us know who would have been included on your list.

1. The Leftovers - HBO

The Leftovers - HBO
The drama was at its highest as it sailed off into the sunset. If barely a single critic was left wanting after the three-season arc The Leftovers delivered, it's time to question the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, their makeup and how they make their decisions.

2. Carrie Coon - The Leftovers

Carrie Coon - The Leftovers
Yes, Coon was a part of two dramas this season, but The Leftovers showcased her talents in a way she may never get the opportunity again. It's inconceivable that she was nominated for Fargo OVER The Leftovers and not both.

3. Freddie Highmore - Bates Motel

Freddie Highmore - Bates Motel
The final season of Bates Motel was the culmination of Norman's journey. Without his mother at his side, all of the heavy lifting fell to Freddie Highmore to make every move Norman made accessible to the audience. It was probably his defining role of a lifetime and absolutely tragic he didn't get a nod.

4. Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon
Not nominating Fallon in light of the other lighter fare late night offerings who did make the cut seems like a political snub, and frankly, that's not how America is supposed to work.

5. Lena Dunham - Girls

Lena Dunham - Girls
Dunham may be many things, but she's also talented and what she achieved with the storyline of the Girls in question over the run of the series was impressive. The growth of Hannah Horvath alone was remarkable and noted.

6. Jude Law - The Young Pope

Jude Law - The Young Pope
Law is not only a high caliber actor who made the switch from film to television for this particular role, he did it with all the panache we'd expected from him for the entirety of his run as Lenny, the young American Pope.

7. Mandy Moore - This Is Us

Mandy Moore - This Is Us
Let's just say I'd like to see how the argument was made to greenlight all of the others who were given nods above Moore, without whose performance theirs would likely not have been possible.

8. Andrew Rannells - Girls

Andrew Rannells - Girls
Is Alec Baldwin even a full member of Saturday Night Live? Rannells as a beloved and hard-working actor on Girls for six seasons, one who lit the screen up every time he appeared. He made his insulting yet lovable character of Elijah as real as our neighbor next door. Now the opportunity to reward him is gone. GONE.

9. Christopher Eccleston - The Leftovers

Christopher Eccleston - The Leftovers
The nature of the final Season of The Leftovers warranted, more than ever, nods to supporting actors because entire episodes were devoted to their work. The episode featuring Matt Jamison was as unforgettable as the entire series. Eccleston went from a God-loving man to a man who questioned God's existence in a single ferry ride. Incredible.

10. Danielle Brooks - Orange Is The New Black

Danielle Brooks - Orange Is The New Black
While the nom for Uzo Aduba was nice, it was Brooks' year. The riot storyline was hers as a result of Poussey's death and Taystee rising to challenge of finding justice for her late friend. Brooks took the character to a new level in a moving performance and that she wasn't awarded for that is a shame.

11. Scott Glenn - The Leftovers

Scott Glenn - The Leftovers
No, Glenn isn't being left out. Like Eccleston, Glenn has an entire episode of his own and as Kevin Garvey, Sr., was left struggling across the barren Australian desert with a crutch and a backpack on a bum leg, encountering flaming people, snake bites and the loss of his most treasured possession. The emotional journey was gut wrenching and deserved of an Emmy nod.

12. Catastrophe - Amazon

Catastrophe - Amazon
Yes, it's a short season with only six episodes, but they managed to find Carrie Fisher in it! It's time to raise this one up with the greats, because it is that good. It's from the UK. Of course, it's that good. Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney are two of the best talents out there. They're relatable, funny and dramatic just when needed. Just nominate it already, so everyone will want to watch it on Amazon. Please.

13. Orange Is the New Black - Netflix

Orange Is the New Black - Netflix
Orange Is the New Black moved into the drama category and sufficiently delivered both drama and comedy for the fifth season. While the characters were dealing with some incredibly dark issues, they managed to find light within each other, and that's what drama is all about. But NOW the Academy snubs them. Oy.

14. Insecure - HBO

Insecure - HBO
This HBO comedy got nods at the Globes for both comedy and actress, Issa Rae. Yet not a peep here at the Emmys. Has it been too long gone for them to remember it? She put on a brilliant performance and was the show.

15. Winona Ryder - Stranger Things

Winona Ryder - Stranger Things
She's an Oscar-nominated actress and people reveled in her comeback. At the time the series was released, her performance was highly praised. When taken together with the other nods, this one seems to be a miss.

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