FOX 2015-16 Promos: What's Coming Up?

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Two beloved men will be tickling your funny bones by way of FOX this fall, including John Stamos in Grandfathered and Rob Lowe in The Grinder.

The Minority Report and Rosewood are hoping to catch your attention by way of early dramas, with some others coming in 2016.

Not all of the promos have been released, so we'll have to wait for Scream Queens, The Guide to Surviving Life and X-Files (boooo!). Take a look at what's new on the FOX Fall schedule and let us know what you'll be watching!

1. Grandfathered Promo

Grandfathered is comdy coming to FOX this fall. It stars John Stamos as a die-hard bachelor and ladies man who discovers he's not only a father, but a grandfather.

2. The Grinder Promo

The Grinder is a new comedy coming to FOX in the fall of 2015. Starring Rob Lowe as an actor famous for playing a lawyer called The Grinder on TV, he decides to join his family of lawyers in real life. Who needs law school?

3. Minority Report

Minority Report is a drama coming to FOX in the fall of 2015. It's based upon the movie of the same name. A man who can see the future helps a cop haunted by the past stop crimes before they happen.

4. Rosewood Promo

Rosewood is a new drama coming to FOX in the fall of 2015. Starring Morris Chestnut as brilliant private pathologist, Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, who lives life to the fullest while helping the police solve the toughest crimes.

5. Lucifer Promo

Lucifer is a new drama coming to FOX in 2016. When he gets bored in hell, Lucifer heads to Los Angeles to use his powers of persuasion to punish bad guys.

6. The Frankenstein Code Promo

The Frankenstein Code is a new drama coming to FOX in 2016. A disgraced 75-year-old sheriff is brought back to life in the body of a 35-year-old man with near superhuman abilities.

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