iZombie: 11 Highlights from the Season Premiere!

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iZombie is back and we could not be happier!

It took forever waiting for iZombie Season 4 Episode 1 to air, but the wait was definitely worth it. The new season kicked off without a hitch, and it gave us an idea of what we can expect for the rest of the season. 

Based on the response of the fandom, everyone is liking what they're seeing. 

If you haven't caught the premiere already, you can watch iZombie online right here at TV Fanatic.

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But first, check out some of the best moments from the season 4 premiere below! 

1. Liv's Hilarious Quote

Liv's Hilarious Quote
It's not Liv's first time on bigot brain. It is her first time on the brain of bigot who hates zombies. The zombie-hate was often overshadowed by the Seahawk fanaticism. While there were some great moments related to that too (Marshawn Lynch SHOULD have been played during that Super Bowl and who wouldn't have Richard Sherman's babies?) the funniest quote was an anti-zombie one.

It was the juxtaposition of an actual zombie referring to people like her in such a disparaging manner that made the scene and the quote a stand out. Plus, it was Rose McIver's delivery and Clive's reaction to it. It was a funny moment and a hilarious quote.

2. Zombie-ish Ravi

Zombie-ish Ravi
The premiere finally answers the burning question that fans had buzzing around in their heads since the finale: Is Ravi a Zombie now? The answer is "it's complicated." There were clues in the promo for the premiere that showed Ravi chomping down on a brain and a tell-tale white streak in his luscious black hair.

The good news is that Ravi is still human. His vaccination has worked, for the most part, but it's not without some kinks. The main one being that he displays some zombie-like tendencies roughly once a month. He's the zombie equivalent of a werewolf, I presume.

This revelation was awesome because the possibilities from this point forward are vast. Ravi made some improvement coming up with a vaccination, but it's not fool-proof or enough to put a dent in the ongoing battle to resolve the zombie issue. He gets to remain human, and let's face it, we WANT him human, but he also gets in on some of the zombie action too. It's the best of both worlds!

3. Major Working with Teens Again

Major Working with Teens Again
Of all the main characters on the show, Major has had the toughest go of it. He has been through hell, and his world has changed in so many different ways since the show began. One of Major's best traits is his dedication to working with youth. He was a social worker and a coach before his world went to hell.

Chase gave him a gift when he assigned Major as a mentor to a group of teenage, homeless zombies. It was in his wheelhouse, and Major finally got to do something that he has always been passionate about. Major is fantastic with kids, and we have missed seeing him in that field again.

Of course, everything at Filmore Graves comes with a caveat, and now Major has trained some of these kids to be zombie soldiers in their zombie militia. It's not something he would want to do, but we know Major will protect them fiercely. It's going to be both refreshing and familiar watching Major go to great lengths for teens rather than getting sidetracked by erroneous storylines or questionable women.

4. Dale in Charge

Dale in Charge
Dale has taken well to zombiesm, and we're all grateful to see it. It's nice having her in charge of the unit because that means more of those sweet, sweet Bozzio "feels." It means more of Dale, period. Dale is a great addition to the show. Plus, it's great having a closet zombie in such an important part of the police force during these tense times. Is she a closet zombie? Was that a zombie task force she formed with the other two cops, Liv, and Clive? Either way, Dale in charge is a win.

5. Naturist Ravi

Naturist Ravi
The best part about Ravi craving human brain every few weeks is that he'll finally get in on that fun personality channeling that Liv, Major, and Blaine have all experienced. It's going to be a blast seeing Ravi's take on however many quirky, fun, unusual personalities. No one will oppose Rahul Kohli getting to stretch his skills even further with playing different renditions of his own character.

Nudist Ravi was hilarious. He was so open and free, much to everyone's chagrin. It was funny when he was wandering around Peyton and Liv's apartment in the nude when Peyton came home. Did he simply take his clothes off as soon as he came over or did he drive over there in the nude? I have so many questions!

It was also funny that Major was so unfazed by Ravi's display, and eventually, so was Liv. Are you even besties until you've flashed your dangly bits? I think not.

6. Clive's Affectionate for Dale

Clive's Affectionate for Dale
Liv and Major will likely be at odds throughout the season because they fall on different sides of zombie-human issues. Peyton and Ravi aren't "on again" and probably won't be anytime soon. Blaine may have residual feelings for Peyton, but that's an unlikely pairing in their current state.

But Clive and Dale? They're the strongest couple prospect the show has right now. They're adorable together. They get to hold up the romantic part of the show, and they get to work through the little issue of Clive being human and Dale being a zombie. They obviously care about one another though. Clive was smitten during that moment when their eyes met through the window. The cuteness, it's too much!

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iZombie Season 4 Episode 1: "Are You Ready For Some Zombies?"
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iZombie Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Ravi: This new world is going to take some getting used to.
Clive: Why bother? Someone is probably going to bomb us any day now.

Blaine: Is that a guillotine?
Chase: Of sorts. It's a guillotine for zombies.
Blaine: But why? We're zombies.
Chase: Zero tolerance. That's our message.
Blaine: Message received.