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Blaine has taken a new position reporting info to Chase. The city is walled off and armed guards keep people from going in and out..Chase sets up a guillotine to keep zombies in line. A die hard Seahawk fan falls into the brain grinding machine he's working at. Liv eats the brain and finds out that he's anti-zombie. Ravi is tempted by a brain while doing an autopsy. He eats it. It turns out that he enters a temporary zombie phase once every couple of weeks as a side effect of the vaccine but he's still human. The brain he eats is that of a nudist. He walks around naked to nearly everyone's chagrin. Chase puts Major in charge of mentoring zombie youth. They're outraged when they find out the Fillmore Grave soldiers have unlimited food when they are starving. Major covers for them when they steal rations. He finds out Chase waa usimg.him to recruit the teens to be soldiers. Dino frees Angus. Angus kills him. He attacks a pastor and attracts his own zombie following. Liv's victim was killed by his wife because he was willing to throw out his zombie son. Peyton and Liz's apartment is tagged as a place where zombies live. Peyton is dating a lawyer colleague. Blaine appears to still he in love with her.
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iZombie Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Ravi: This new world is going to take some getting used to.
Clive: Why bother? Someone is probably going to bomb us any day now.

Blaine: Is that a guillotine?
Chase: Of sorts. It's a guillotine for zombies.
Blaine: But why? We're zombies.
Chase: Zero tolerance. That's our message.
Blaine: Message received.