Pretty Little Liars Photos from "Unbridled"

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In Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 23, the girls are going undercover as charitable Liars when they help Mrs. DiLaurentis to try to find out what she's up to when it comes to Ali.

These photos leak a surprise that wasn't shown in the promo -- the return of the blood that ties Spencer to Ali -- Jason DiLaurentis!

1. Dean Checks in on Spencer

Dean Checks in on Spencer
Dean drops in on Spencer in this photo from "Unbridled." He's been good for Spencer so far; can he be trusted long term?

2. Dean's a Good Friend

Dean's a Good Friend
Dean drops by to give some moral support to Spencer before her big debut as a bride in the charity even in "Unbridled."

3. A Friendly Hug for Spencer

A Friendly Hug for Spencer
Spencer gets some support from her sober coach Dean in this photo from "Unbridled."

4. Spencer's Fidgeting with her Dress

Spencer's Fidgeting with her Dress
Spencer's obviously nervous as she's fidgeting with her dress in this photo from "Unbridled."

5. Not so Welcome Home Jason

Not so Welcome Home Jason
Jason returns to Rosewood but Spencer doesn't look all that happy to see her brother in "Unbridled." What new secrets is he hiding?

6. Spencer Doesn't Like It

Spencer Doesn't Like It
Spencer doesn't look like she's enjoying what Jason has to say in this photo from "Unbridled."

7. Spencer's Arguing her Point

Spencer's Arguing her Point
The Liars clearly think Spencer's lost her mind AGAIN in this photo from "Unbridled."

8. All Eyes on Spencer

All Eyes on Spencer
All eyes are on Spencer. Is this the beginning of whatever takes her out on the town in her gown in "Unbridled"?

9. Spencer in her Fateful Gown

Spencer in her Fateful Gown
We've seen what happens to Spencer in this gown. Can you picture her in a heap at the bottom of a hill? Nooooooo!

10. Ashley is All Smiles

Ashley is All Smiles
No matter how awkward the girls look as brides, Ashley can't wipe the smile off of her face in this photo from "Unbridled."

11. Ready for the Catwalk

Ready for the Catwalk
The Liars are ready for the turn as brides on the catwalk in this photo from "Unbridled."

12. Pretty Little Brides

Pretty Little Brides
The Liars aren't sharing a wedding day, but helping Mrs. D. with her charity event so they can try intel on her in "Unbridled."

13. Lending a Helping Hand

Lending a Helping Hand
Ashley assists Hanna with the final touches on her charity gown in this photo from "Unbridled."

14. Ashley Imagines Hanna Walking Down the Aisle

Ashley Imagines Hanna Walking Down the Aisle
It's Ashley's turn to light up at the thought of her daughter's future wedding. Do you think she's imagining Caleb or Travis in this photo from "Unbridled"?

15. Admiration and Sour Acceptance

Admiration and Sour Acceptance
Aria hardly looks willing to accept whatever compliment Ashley is giving her in this photo from "Unbridled."

16. Shocked Liars

Shocked Liars
Emily and Spencer look like they aren't buying whatever Ashley is selling in this photo from "Unbridled."

17. Unhappy Charity Bride

Unhappy Charity Bride
It's shaping up to be group of unhappy brides for the charity event. How are these girls going to sell any gowns?

18. Ella Looks Concerned

Ella Looks Concerned
Ella looks sad and worried about Aria in this photo from "Unbridled."

19. Ella Imagines Aria's Wedding Day

Ella Imagines Aria's Wedding Day
It looks like Ella's back in town. It's nice of her to show up when Aria could really use the caring advice of her mom in this photo from "Unbridled."

20. Here Comes Bride Aria?!?

Here Comes Bride Aria?!?
No, Aria is not getting married. She is just preparing for a charity fashion show in this Pretty Little Liars scene.

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