Supernatural Photos from "Meta Fiction"

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Ogle Dean and Sam now, Supernatural Fanatics.

These photos are from Supernatural Season 9 Episode 18, titled "Meta Fiction."

1. Gadreel Listens

Gadreel Listens
The Winchesters capture Gadreel in "Meta Fiction." To what end? That's what Gadreel wants to know!

2. Tell Me Everything!

Tell Me Everything!
Dean looks menacing as he hovers over Gadreel in "Meta Fiction."

3. Will Gadreel Talk?

Will Gadreel Talk?
Gadreel was a good guy once, before Metatron talked him into joining his dark side. Can the Winchesters win him over?

4. Dean Talks Down

Dean Talks Down
Dean talks down to Gadreel, right on his level, in his attempt to score information in "Meta Fiction."

5. Now You Wanna Talk?

Now You Wanna Talk?
Did Gadreel give in as Dean was walking away? Can't wait to find out what this is all about in "Meta Fiction."

6. Angel and Vending Machine

Angel and Vending Machine
Some of these photos of Castiel look like works of art, so let's just call 'em like we see 'em. This is a photo from "Meta Fiction."

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