Supernatural Season 11: Big Bad on the Way!

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The Supernatural panel at Comic-Con in San Diego this year featured the best one-liner from any panel at Comic-Con all weekend.

We'll get to that below.

With key cast and crew members on hand, the series teased major story lines from Supernatural Season 11, including the promise that Sam and Dean will finally be on the same side this fall against… someone very evil.

Or, more likely, something very evil. Scroll down for major spoilers.

1. Brothers... Unite!

Brothers... Unite!
Previewed executive producer: "This year, we are going to have a little bit more of an epic feel with a Big Bad and a real quest for the brothers to unite."

2. More Please!

More Please!
Continued Carver of what's on tap: "It’s like pre-biblical story that’s never been told. Most importantly, I feel like the brothers are going to be really, really united in their need to take this thing down."

3. Who Will Return?

Who Will Return?
Some fan favorites, Carver promises, but "they’re coming back in surprise ways."

4. Something Special on the Way

Something Special on the Way
Executive Producer Andrew Dabb hinted at "something really fun" in Episode 4 when asked if any special, meta-type episodes were on tap.

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