The 100: 17 Season 6 Character Death Predictions

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Making it halfway through The 100 Season 6 means starting to consider how the story might wrap up, and who will still be around for the next arc. 

There are many ideas of who could die, as well as a nice mix of characters that should die.

The difference is all about the proof we have that some might now make it vs. the proof that fans may have that some characters don't fit anymore.

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It can be difficult with a show like The 100, which prides itself on only having four episodes where someone doesn't die, and yet has too big of an ensemble cast to seamlessly have the time to include all the characters in their stories.

This is why this is a slideshow that has collected several character options that feel possible because of this season, and a few that make you question whether it just might be their time to go. 

It would be nice to imagine some of these characters taking a break like Wick and Bryan were allowed to, but the chance of a not so brutal death on this show seems slim at best.

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Which character are you thinking won't make it into next season?

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1. Clarke Griffin's Memories

Clarke Griffin's Memories
This hurts me more than it hurts you, but we have to discuss it. During The 100 Season 6 Episode 7, Josephine and Clarke meet and there are hints of what might happen now that Clarke opened the door and is fighting for control.

Her brain will deteriorate and fans can't help but consider memory loss to be the final twist for the season. Based on the episode though, there hasn't been any hints that Clarke is losing anything but constant vigilance is important with this show. Memory loss which would include scrubbing six seasons of storytelling away for the sake of a new finale turn. At this point in the season, it seems unlikely again.

And yet, we have to keep this in mind as Clarke fights to be the only one in her mind, which we know she will win but at what cost? Honestly, maybe Clarke actually dies.

2. John Murphy

John Murphy
Murphy isn't even a choice that would make sense on this list. Still, can you imagine if a character fighting tooth and nail for his immortality ends this season with a sacrifice of exactly that for the greater good? I can't either but let us throw it out there for fun.

3. Raven Reyes

Raven Reyes
Raven is a death that shouldn't feel true but it is getting harder and harder to dispute. This is a character that doesn't have a solid storyline for herself, she hasn't for a while, and it is either in anticipation of a cast exit or a misstep that is upsetting when it comes to such an important character.

We really hope this doesn't happen, but the show isn't making us confident that something won't drastically change Raven's place on The 100 this season.

4. Octavia Blake

Octavia Blake
What other characters on this show have had as many teases with death as Octavia? It is almost mandatory that she comes close to death or has the potential to be killed off at least twice a season, and those don't count fake-outs. At some point, you either commit and kill her off, or you stop teasing that this might happen.

For now, the show has Octavia dealing with an aging side effect that has her with about a day or so left to live. So you know, it sounds like a choice has been made for now.

5. Marcus Kane

Marcus Kane
It is one thing to try to keep Kane's memory alive while the actor was focused on another show, it is another to beat the characters and the audience over the head with his existence.

As a character who fell into a holding pattern of the same few lines of dialogue and no real help to the plot overall, this choice feels like something that keeps making sense the longer Kane is left alive on the show.

6. Gaia

Please let me be wrong about this. Gaia has a stronger role when she is tied to Madi, which is still up for debate about how beneficial that is for the character individually. But with Madi banishing Gaia and the limited connections that the character has to everyone else on the show since her mother isn't awake yet, consider us scared.

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