The TV Fanatic High Flyers Cheerleading Squad: Supporting the Team!

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Like the TV Fanatic Fantasy Football Team before it, the TV Fanatic High Flyers Cheerleading Squad requires that we make choices. Not everyone makes the squad, so don't be surprised that your favorite gal to have raised a pom pom isn't on the list. 

Priorities everyone. Priorities!

Find out who is leading the squad and who will be on top of the pyramid when you click through below!


1. Lyla / Friday Night Lights

Lyla / Friday Night Lights
Of course, Lyla Garrity is going to head up our squad. She is the quintessential head cheerleader and even had heart of the team's captain.

2. Claire / Heroes

Claire / Heroes
Hey, save the cheerleader, save the world. This is one gal you can toss around and not worry about breaking. Of couse, she could also make the squad a target for hitmen, but they'll deal. She's the perfect top of the pyramid, right?!

3. Kelly / Saved by the Bell

Kelly / Saved by the Bell
Look, Kelly will be very unlikely to get all the cheers right on the first go, but she's always a crowd pleaser, and every squad need that!

4. Cordelia / Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Cordelia / Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Haughty and entitled, Cordelia is pretty much everything we'd expect a cheerleader to be. She was good enough to have an action figure molded out of her in her cheer uniform, she's good enough for our squad!

5. Marti / Hellcats

Marti / Hellcats
This girl is going to do battle with anyone on the squad for lead, but she'll put her all into any competition. She fits into the pyramid a the top or just below. So athletic and gorgeous!

6. Chloe / Smallville

Chloe / Smallville
Chloe is one of the peppiest gals on the squad. She makes it her personal mission to cheer on the guys, ad nauseum.

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