This Is Us Season 2B Report Card: Saddest Moment, Best Fight, and More!

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The second half of This Is Us Season 2 has been a whirlwind of emotions. 

We've laughed, we've been upset and we've cried quite a lot as we dug deeper into the lives of our favorite TV family, the Pearsons.

The sophomore chapter focused on Kevin's addiction, and the subsequent road to sobriety, Kate's first miscarriage and journey to "I do," and Randall's new venture along with the addition of a foster child to his balanced brood.

Not to mention we finally got closure to the looming mystery surrounding Jack Pearson's death, which would explain all the crying. 

Every episode gifted us with paramount moments that made us more invested.  

To hold us over until the series returns later this year, we're taking a look back and breaking down some best and worst moments of the second half of season two! 

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1. Saddest Moment - Jack's Death

Saddest Moment - Jack's Death
During a season that focused most of its efforts on the mystery and aftermath of Jack's death, there couldn't be a more somber moment than the obvious death of the family patriarch. Both the house fire episode and the following funeral episode were a non-stop tear-fest as we mourned and celebrated a wonderful father, husband and human being.

2. Mystery That Finally Got Answered - How Jack Died

Mystery That Finally Got Answered - How Jack Died
And it still hurts to talk about. After roughly two seasons of wondering, we finally found out what killed the family patriarch. Jack survived the blaze but died from cardiac arrest a few hours later after all the smoke inhalation put stress on his lungs and heart. You know, I still haven't brought myself to use my Crock-Pot. And I'm most definitely never accepting used appliances from a neighbor or letting my fire-alarm batteries die.

3. Biggest Shocker - Randall & Tess in The Future

Biggest Shocker - Randall & Tess in The Future
This Is Us has such a handle on timelines. Every episode features a look at the Pearson past while brilliantly connecting it with the present storyline. And next season, they're taking the obvious step into the future. We got our first glimpse at the flash-forward with elderly Randall and adult-Tess, who is now a social worker thanks to her family's devotion to fostering. Initially, the moment was shocking, but after they discussed "seeing her," I'm simply intrigued. Who is this "her" they are referring to? Beth? Annie? Deja? All I know is, It doesn't seem like a happy conversation.

4. Biggest Letdown - Kate and Toby's Wedding

Biggest Letdown - Kate and Toby's Wedding
There was so much hype around Kate and Toby's wedding, and I genuinely wanted to see every aspect of her "big day." Unfortunately, most of the episode focused on Kate letting go of her father and making room for her new husband, which was beautiful in its own way but took away from the actual ceremony and reception. We didn't even get to see their vows! I think Kate's dream of Jack and Rebecca's vow renewal got more screentime.

5. Best Surprise Camo - Old Man Jack

Best Surprise Camo - Old Man Jack
Speaking of vow renewals. Since Jack passed away when he was 53, we never imagined we'd see him growing old with Rebecca. However, the writers and directors know just how to pull at our heartstrings and surprised us with a dream sequence that saw Jack surviving the fire and was renewing his vows with his wife as his adult children looked on.

6. Most Nerve-Wrecking Moment - The Fire

Most Nerve-Wrecking Moment - The Fire
More specifically, waiting for Jack to emerge from the fire after he ran back in to save Kate's dog. Since we didn't know the circumstances surrounding his death, when the Crock-Pot-sparked house fire erupted, fans immediately jumped the gun and figured he died while rushing back into the house. Those few seconds, as we waited for him to come back out, felt like forever.

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