This Is Us Season 1: 19 Reasons We Rejoiced

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This Is Us blew us away with its freshman season.

We fell in love with the Pearson family and all of their friends, not to mention the unexpected and welcome extended family we've met so far.

We rejoiced at the many moments that made us laugh, cry and contemplate our own lives as we compared them to the Pearsons.

A family drama has never grabbed our attention so fast, and a series has never been as aptly titled.

Join us as we celebrate This Is Us Season 1. And keep an eye on TV Fanatic, because the partying will continue until the show returns for it's second season.

And if you have not yet met the Pearsons, watch This Is Us online to get to know them. You won't look back!

1. We Laughed

We Laughed
This is life. So we laughed when Randall thought he was losing his mind. Little did we know it was only the beginning and the best was yet to come from Randall and the entire Pearson family!

2. We Knew Jack Pearson Loved His Daughter

We Knew Jack Pearson Loved His Daughter
There's no doubting Jack's love for his daughter, Kate. He was her hero, and years later, after his death, Kate still believes she's partially to blame for his no longer being with us. They guy bedazzled and Vogued for her. Dying was probably on his list of allowables, too.

3. We Smiled at an Incredible Parenting Concept

We Smiled at an Incredible Parenting Concept
Even though the kids weren't always close growing up, by introducing the concept of the Big Three (granted, originally meant for three triplets by birth, even better that it remained when Randall was included), it gave Kevin, Kate and Randall something to cling to when times got tough.

4. We Fell In Love

We Fell In Love
Jack seemed like the perfect husband, and we were buying what Milo Ventimiglia was selling!! Beard, clean shaven, drinking or sober, there was something about the man that tugged at our heart strings. He always seemed to have the right thing to say, even if it wasn't always at the perfect time.

5. We Enjoyed the Rad in Family Tradition

We Enjoyed the Rad in Family Tradition
Randall takes (or took) family traditions to a whole new level and watching him rousing people Thanksgiving morning reminded us of what the holiday is supposed to be about. It's too bad his holiday didn't end as brilliantly as it began.

6. We Saw Even Good Marriages Could Falter

We Saw Even Good Marriages Could Falter
The clues were there all along, but viewers were so busy seeing Jack as the best husband and father ever they missed the trail of tears leading to the finale. No relationship, no man, no woman is that perfect. We're all fallible, and now we wait for what's next for Jack and Rebecca.

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Miguel: When I think of your mom and me, I think of the phrase 'written in the stars'. I used to love that expression, the way it meant that the universe had plans for two people. That was your mom and dad, but it wasn't like that for her and me. It was strange. And I was filled with doubt on our wedding day and on a lot of days after that. But as the years went by, I realized that was okay. Some love stories are written in the stars and other love stories are written together: two people the universe had no plans for writing their story in the stars together.

Dad, Grandpa's gay. Or at least bi.