American Gods: Kristen Chenoweth Joins, First Trailer Revealed!

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American Gods is coming to Starz, and it looks fantastic. 

The show's cast and crew took to the stage at San Diego Comic Con and brought the first trailer with them. 

Rickey Whittle is one of the leads, and boy, it looks like he's had a pretty great rebound from The 100

He plays Shadow, who is totally not loving life. Getting out of jail after a three-year stint, he returns home for the funeral of his beloved wife, Laura.

He is seated next to a man named Mr. Wednesday who knows a little too much about Shadow. Things take off in a crazy direction from there. 

With Bryan Fuller behind the show, you can bet your bottom dollar that this is going to be a good one. 

Fuller has a great track record, so he wants people who have and haven't read the books to know that "you’re in good hands.”  

The official trailer teases a lot about the show. It seriously looks like one of those shows that's going to be an instant hit. 

We also got word that Kristen Chenoweth is joining the cast in the role of the goddess Easter, one of the old Gods.

She even noted that she's yet to meet some of the cast. 

The deal obviously happened pretty recently. 

A hot topic at the panel seemed to be whether any of the stars of Hannibal could appear in American Gods. 

If you recall, Hannibal was Fuller's previous show, struck down far before fans were willing to let it go. There was much more of the story to be told. 

“The door is always open for those lovely folks” and “As soon as schedules sync up, yes. We would love it.”

Who would you like to appear? We're personally rooting for Mads Mikkelsen. 

Could you imagine him sharing the screen with Ian McShane?

It would be a marvel!

We also got word that Neil Gaiman, the author of American Gods, wrote the first chapter of the book on his way to SDCC in 1999. 

It's pretty cool how now he's there promoting the series. 

What do you think about all the news?

Did the trailer reel you in?

Hit the comments!

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