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Steven Frost has (Richard Jenkins) been with his department for over 40 years. 

He's pretty certain he's earned the next notch on his belt, and that means a ride out of Berlin Station and back to the States.

A job in Washington, DC as the Deputy Director of the CIA.

In fact, he has an inside man who has been telling him if he can just pull off this latest operation, the job is his.

But if you've been watching, and I'm not gonna lie, we've been late to the game, you know his people are all over the place. Frost hasn't been doing his best.

A personal plug for Berlin Station: I just binge watched the first five episodes in one sitting. It's clever, it's flying under the radar and you have to think to watch it. The cast is absolute amazing and it's a lesson in subtleties. 

You're not going to see a Carrie Matheson go nuts and spout her thoughts off meds at the top of her lungs for all to hear, but you're going to get an equally powerful performance from the talented Michelle Forbes as Valerie Edwards, making her thoughts known in a male game. 

You're also going to get performances from Jenkins, Richard Armitage as agent Daniel Miller, Rhys Ifans as Hector DeJean, Leland Orser as Robert Kirsch and many more that have you wondering why you haven't heard more about this series from EPIX.

So Frost? He's riding on a wing and a prayer. His wife, Kelly (Caroline Goodall), is already picking out houses in Arlington. There is a lot depending on the operation going well. 

But with so much riding on it, doesn't it just seem like that's the last thing that's going to happen? If you have EPIX, you can watch the entire season On Demand. Don't miss this. Check it out now!

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