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What happens when an ER doc’s life gets seriously complicated? He turns to a nurse for help. 

When Dr. John Ellison learns that the young boy he saved is about to become a target of gang violence while still in the hospital, he turns to Nurse Gretchen Polk for assistance.

He definitely gets the help he needs,  but is it more than he can handle?

Check out the latest promo for Complications, scheduled to premiere on Thursday, June 18 on USA network. We can't wait.

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Complications Quotes

We act like people die at the hospital. Some do, of course but for most of them there's a last moment when they could have been saved. That moment is long gone by the time they get here.

Dr. John Ellison

Nobody's going to say they believe in violence Nobody who’s not a sociopath, I guess.

Dr. John Ellison