Greg Berlanti Discusses "Thrilling and Exhilarating" Blindspot

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Greg Berlanti is definitely one of the "it" guys when it comes to television. What he touches seems to turn to gold.

This fall, one of his new projects is NBC's Blindspot, starring Jamie Alexander and Sullivan Stapleton. Not only is he wildly impressed with the performances of the cast, but together with the action, Berlanti says, "it really does feel like a movie." Impressive!

Blindspot is also delivering one of the most provocative previews of the fall season. Find out how they plan on keeping that up as the season progresses, as well as and how he feels about a second NBC program falling into his hands featuring a strong female character.

One thing is for sure, there's a reason this man makes interesting television! Watch the exclusive interview now.

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Blindspot Quotes

Jane: Please take him alive. He's the only one that might have answers.
Kurt: We'll try our best.

Someone did this to me. Took away my whole life and I can't do anything about it.