Blindspot Series Finale Review: Iunne Ennui

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Blindspot has always been one big fever dream for its five-year run.

So it was appropriate that its 100th episode and series finale, Blindspot Season 5 Episode 11, was jam-packed with hallucinations.

What an inspired way to slot in cameos by dozens of characters, some recent, others from the distant past, a few alive but most dead.

Bouncing Back - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 11

It was great that so many actors were willing to return for a final scene or two.

Frankly, Ivy, one of this season's big bads, was barely seen in this episode, with Zapata taking her out with one punch near the end.

Water Treatment - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 11

By that point, Ivy had activated the timer on the ZIP bomb, so she had become irrelevant.

The cliffhanger from Blindspot Season 5 Episode 10 was dispensed with in no time.

Jane had been trapped in a room with ZIP gas all around her.

But she awoke with her memories intact, thanks to an experimental antidote that Patterson had whipped up during a quiet moment.

Well, that's convenient.

Tracking Bombs - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 11

But, if you think about it, that's Patterson's role on the team -- to pull a rabbit out of a hat.

For a recent example of that, remember how she cheated death by thermite bomb on Blindspot Season 5 Episode 8, when she climbed into a nearby miner's tunnel?

Besides, she has those good science genes thanks to Bill Nye. So an antidote to a little-known chemical weapon would be child's play.

The only problem was that Jane's memories have been scrambled so many times that she needs more than your average dose.

That's why she was enduring that hallucinogenic "This Is Your Life, Jane Doe."

Poison Ivy - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 11

Unfortunately, Jane rapidly found herself facing a dilemma: Take the antidote and live or stay off the antidote and maybe die so her hallucinations can help her save Manhattan.

And since she didn't have much of a grip on what was real and what was imaginary, she couldn't exactly read the team in on her plan.

Why is it there's always a rabbit present when hallucinations are involved? I blame Lewis Carroll and Grace Slick for that.

But at least Jane always had company on her solo mission, be it Reade or Roman or someone else. Not that hallucinations are much help in a brawl.

Still, wasn't it amazing that, even as the ZIP was killing her, Jane was still able to take out a half-dozen of Ivy's thugs? Weller and Zapata arrived just in time to find her talking to herself.

The team really got used badly. They save the country from Madeline, only to receive immunity and get kicked out of the FBI. That hardly seemed fair.

Of course, the President wants all this to go away quietly since he was about to name a diabolical criminal mastermind as his vice-presidential choice. He dodged a bullet, likely a literal future one.

And the FBI director Grigoryan just didn't want such famous/infamous agents as part of her new-look FBI.

But before Grigoryan could say "Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out," Ivy was discovered to have hung on to one ZIP bomb, which when amplified could wipe out millions of memories in the greater New York area.

So she had no choice but to reinstate the team for one last mission.

New Boss - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 11

Wasn't it funny that she thought she could rein them in when no previous director had managed to? Doesn't she know that going rogue is their go-to play?

Especially Jane. She's been going rogue her whole life.

If she was going down, she was going to take Ivy with her, saving Kurt and her friends at the same time.

In the end, with the help of most of her mental Rolodex, Jane located the right trash can in Times Square.

And, for one last time, she and Weller had to depend on Patterson and Rich to correctly guess which wire to cut. That never gets old.

Seeking Ivy - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 11

You would think that saving New York one more time might get the team welcomed back to the FBI with open arms. But no, it's a different day. Probabilities are more important than hunches when it comes to formulating a plan of attack. Working smarter not harder.

It was sad to see the five of them lined up in the elevator with their cardboard boxes.

Fortunately, at a later holiday meal complete with those closest to them, we got to catch up on what the team had been doing.

And those choices rang true. Kurt and Jane were taking a second shot at parenting, this time with foster children. Patterson and Rich were adventurously seeking treasure. New mother Tasha was a high-end private eye.

It's great that TPTB opted for a happy ending. Both Reade and Weitz (no great loss) had been killed off this season already. That was enough.

ZIP Tied - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 11

Hey, how about a reunion adventure in a few years?

Blindspot managed to attract faithful fans despite NBC, which scheduled the show on four different nights over five seasons.

That was because of its multifaceted characters and complicated storylines.

Its often soft ratings meant that renewal was up in the air every season.

I guess those ratings were because some viewers just don't want to put any work into their escapism.

Man in Charge - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 11

To revisit the series, watch Blindspot online.

How did you enjoy the finale?

What did you like best about Blindspot?

Who was your favorite character?

Comment below.

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Blindspot Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

We've got clean slates. We can go anywhere. We can be anything we want to be.

Weller [to Jane]

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Rich: That's not what I said.