Manhattan Season 2 Trailer: Neve Campbell Joins the Cast!

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Things are taking a dramatic turn on Manhattan Season 2, and our first look plays out beautifully against Pendulum by Pearl Jam. Isn't it amazing what music can do?

The editing of Frank's, "I'll talk!" is perfectly timed with the song, making his call absolutely chilling.

Everybody seems to be on edge, and we get our first long look at William Peterson, representing the United States Government. It's great to see him again, isn't it? 

A complete surprise was seeing an appearance by Neve Campbell, sharing a scene with Rachel Brosnahan as Abby Isaacs, who has a rather stunned look on her face when Campbell's character brings up the secrets she must overhear.

Campbell is playing Kitty Oppenheimer, the wife of J.Robert Oppenheimer, known as the father of the atomic bomb. Kitty's connection with Abby will affect both of their husband's futures as well as that of the project. 

It sounds like this is going to be another fantastic season!

Manhattan returns on Tuesday, Oct. 13

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