You saved your baby Frank. I told them you would. I said Frank always finds a way. You said it yourself, I can put two and two together.


I have no idea how those two lunatics produced such a well-behaved child.


My father said always everything easy was difficult at first. We never got to the second part.


Frank: I'm protecting our family.
Liza: From what?

Whoa whoa whoa! Pace yourself there Seabisquit. That's a 15-year-old scotch.


You were the best student I ever had and you know I would support you to the end of the earth, but I think we just fell off it.


You stole secrets from the United States Army. Do you really think the Colonel is going to stick around for a chit chat?


Callie: Everything is a secret! It's Kafka-esque!
Liza: Well, at least she's reading.

Charlie: You're working on an atomic bomb.
Akley: We prefer to call it a gadget.

Frank: They haven't even told you what you're doing here, have they? Do you have any idea what you're looking at?
Soldier: Sir, we're not here to debate science.
Frank: That's not science. That's the property of the government of the United States of America. Our work is so classified, the Vice President doesn't know we exist. As far as he's concerned, the Manhattan Project's a leaky tunnel on the IRT, and yet you're gonna stand there, Sargent First Class, with your J3 security clearance and you're gonna talk to me about protocol? You could be court martialed for just opening that file.

Soldier: Mam, I'm sure your husband's got a brain the size of Kansas, but that ring on your finger doesn't make you a scientist.
Frank: No, but four years at Barnard and a Ph.D. in botany do. I missed dinner.
Liza: And breakfast.
Frank: You know, most women would kill for a night off from their husbands.
Liza: Most women know what their husbands do at the office. I'm not most women.
Frank: You certainly are not.

Someone invented pie crust in a box? How is that not on the cover of the New York Times?


Manhattan Quotes

Someone invented pie crust in a box? How is that not on the cover of the New York Times?


Charlie: Do you think anyone knew of Galileo in 1590?
Abby: I bet Galileo knew how to read a road map.