New Girl Season 5 Promo: Big Events, Bad Decisions

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It's nearly time for new episodes of New Girl.

Premiering on Tuesday, January 5, New Girl Season 5 will featured "big events" and "bad decisions," according to the first official network promo.

It will also feature a bevy of impressive guest stars, none bigger than Megan Fox, who will stop by for multiple episodes as a new loft roommate while star Zooey Deschanel is on maternity leave.

Fred Armisen (in glasses and a wig) will also guest star as a stalker, while Elizabeth Berkley Lauren is not included in the following promo.

But the former Saved by the Bell actress will appear in March as the new principal at Jess’ middle school.

New Girl Season 4, of course, concluded with Schmidt and CeCe realizing they cannot live without each other... and agreeing to get married!

The impending wedding will be a major theme of Season 5, with viewers being treated to some dress fittings, an engagement party and an epic meeting of the parents.

In the following trailer, we also get to see what a "prostitute for wizards" looks like, according to Winston at least.

Go visit our section of New Girl quotes if you need to get your hilarious fix on and then check out scenes from upcoming episodes now.

We can't wait.

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