On the Radio: Tune into Bates Motel and Shock Over Upcoming AHS Theme

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It's President's Day, so what better way to celebrate than to assure McGraw Ryan Murphy intends to make the most of the past election in the upcoming installment of American Horror Story?

Fans have already started making cool artwork in support of it.

AHS Election

I was pleased to hear McGraw watched and enjoyed Big Little Lies Season 1 Episode 1, which I gave a stellar review.

You guys haven't checked in with me if you've watched, which is a bit disappointing. 

We can only make recommendations and hope you take them!

Another new show that premiered last night on HBO was Crashing, and both McGraw and I agreed it was well done and funny.

From Pete Holmes (and starring the same), it's a look at the burgeoning career of a stand-up comedian.

Since it's from HBO and affiliated with Judd Apatow, with it comes degrading circumstances both comical and cringe-worthy.

The best shows you're not watching this week included a from Carissa for Autopsy: The Last Days Of... on Reelz Channel. Morbid, right?

Autopsy on reelz

This past week they debunked the possibility that Kurt Cobain was murdered with details about how and why he would have killed himself.

The circumstances used are painstakingly detailed with great respect given to the deceased.

For those of you wondering about Courtney Love's involvement, her father was even a guest on the program sharing his views that his daughter was involved in Kurt's murder.

If you have Reelz Channel, I urge you to tune into the series, which replays often.

Next week will feature a look into the last days of Bob Marley, and I tease why it sounds so interesting in the video below.

Finally, we discussed the other don't miss moment of the week, tonight's premiere of Bates Motel Season 5.

McGraw gave up at some point during the first season, and he learns from me why that wasn't the best idea.

Listen in to the full segment below and every week with McGraw Milhaven at 9:20 ET on Monday mornings on 550 KTRS in St. Louis!

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