Outlander Season 2 Inside Look: The Next Chapter

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It may be the dregs of winter right now, but before you have a chance to brush the snow off your car a few more times, spring will have sprung.

Just like the blossoming of the lovely flowers in your garden, Outlander Season 2 will also come your way, with a completely different look.

As Paris society was likely the most intricate of the time period, it will be reflected in the sets.

Expect a lot of detail and many beautiful colors and fabrics.

Claire and Jamie are there to try to stop the upcoming Jacobite uprising and change history.

There are a lot of implications to changing history, however, and it's possible Claire, although her heart is in the right place, may not have thought it through.

Throughout the season, she and Jamie will find reasons to argue over what they should and shouldn't do in that respect.

The clips shown in the video will be familiar to those of you who have read the books, but shouldn't give too much away if you have not.

For me, I read the first two books, but don't remember Dragonfly in Amber very well.

Considering that I found myself comparing and left wanting of the series in contrast to the books during Outlander Season 1, I think that's a good thing.

I'll not be revisiting the book and hope to let the strong acting and direction of the series wash over me in a completely new light.

It will be difficult, but I think worth it overall.

What are you guys going to do, and are you book readers and lovers from long ago, picked up the books after the first season or never read and keeping it that way for a while?

Three more months!

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