Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 10 Sneak Peek: Game Over, Charles

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That's right fans, the PLL execs know you're tap, tap, tapping your toes in anticipation for the answers you've been waiting for six years to receive, so they've already provided the first two minutes of Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 10 for you to watch.

Of course, keep in mind, for every minute you watch now, that means you'll be tapping your toes while you're watching the installment next week, so watch at your own peril. Oh, seriously, you're going to watch. I did. And guess what I saw...

There's a reason the hour is called "Game Over, Charles." It looks like answers may not come easily for the poor fellow. In fact, he might be all tapped out after one, simple night. Is his inability to share the reason he's been hiding to long, terrorizing instead of speaking? 

Watch right now. Let us know your thoughts. If you haven't seen all the action up to now, by all means, watch Pretty Little Liars online first and then watch this clip. Don't get ahead of yourselves!!

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Pretty Little Liars
Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 10: "Game Over, Charles"
Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, Spencer Hastings, Emily Fields, Alison DiLaurentis
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