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Shameless is coming back early!

Showtime is treating Shameless fans to an additional season this year and it looks pretty fantastic. 

If you recall, Shameless Season 6 closed out with the Gallagher family finally realized there was no helping Frank. 

They threw him in the river and out of the Gallagher family. Dude deserved it. 

We pick up on Shameless Season 7 with Frank in a coma, but there's hell to pay when he wakes up. 

He tries to worm his way back into the family, but he realizes it is no easy task. 

What do you do when your family ditches you?

You get a new one. 

Shameless Season 7 Poster

Frank finds himself living in a homeless shelter due to his family not wanting anything to do with him, so he gets himself a whole new family. 

There's a Liam, Debbie, Lip, Ian, Fiona and even a Monica. 

If the latest trailer proves anything, it's that Shameless still has a lot of story left. 

Not many shows have that luxury this late in the game. We'll never get tired of Frank causing trouble. 

He goes about it in the funniest way. 

Fiona is making some changes of her own. 

For far too long she's looked after the family and they're all growing up, she's living her own life. 

She starts her new path off by letting her brothers and sisters know they need to contribute to the bills. 

Why shouldn't she? Being a Gallagher, they should all know how to raise cash quickly. 

Hopefully Fiona stays out of a relationship for some time. Single Fiona would be a breath of fresh air. 

Carl looks like he's going to be in a tough spot when it emerges that he gave his girlfriend an STI. 

That doesn't go down well with her father and he chases Carl out of the house. 

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Note: Shameless Season 7 Episode 1 airs Sunday October 2 on Showtime

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Shameless Quotes

Lip: You got married?
Fiona: Yeah.
Lip: Fuck. To who?
Fiona: Gus.
Lip: Who the fucks Gus?
Fiona: I've mentioned him before.
Lip: Yeah in passing. Jesus, married? Are you happy or---
Fiona: Do I seem happy?

I'd trade my left nut for one more hour of sleep.