Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees Clip

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This is a clip from the 90210 episode "Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees." It's the 4/6/10 installment of the series.
90210 Season 2 Episode 17: "Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees"
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90210 Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Silver: I got a haircut.
Teddy: Like a hair cut? A single hair?

You are noting like Jen, and if you were, I wouldn't be with you.


90210 Season 2 Episode 17 Music

  Song Artist
Actionreaction Action/Reaction Choir of Young Believers iTunes
Dancehall Dancehall Sean Bones iTunes
Employee of the month Employee of the Month The Anomalies iTunes