90210 Review: "Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees"

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After returning from my honeymoon, I was hoping to tune in to a welcoming, enjoyable episode of 90210.

But "Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees" was NOT it. Here's why: It moved plots and characters along far too quickly, while also tossing around far many silly, illogical developments. Need a case in point:

Concerned about Jasper, Annie rushes over to his room, spots a photograph of her with the Hollywood sign in the background - and somehow discerns that must be where he's at?!? Considering the structure is only 45 feet high (thanks, Wikipedia!), seems like an unusual place for a suicide attempt.

At least this relationship seemed to finally come to an end this week, as Annie did give an intelligent, mature speech to the broken-legged Jasper. That was nice to see. But was anyone else dismayed and annoyed by the entire way this storyline played out?

Considering the supposed stakes of Annie's hit-and-run being revealed to the world (which will clearly still happen when someone reads the letter she accidentally saved last week), there was a lack of drama and direction to anything related to Jasper. He actually seemed like a solid, loving boyfriend for awhile, and it took far too long for the uncle card to be played. Many viewers likely forgot he was even related to the guy Annie hit.

Good riddance, dude.

Girl-on-Girl Kiss

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We do have to give some props to the series for slowing building up the Gia and Adrianna romance, though.

While most shows are clearly going for a ratings stunt any time girls make out, these two are truly falling for each other. It even seems natural, given Adrianna's shady past with men (not including you, Navid. But where were you this week, buddy?). Bravo!

Along similar (yet divergent) lines, we wish the show would give Dixon and Ivy more time to develop. I actually wrote awhile ago that it would be great to see this pair hook up, and I like the idea of fake dating to get them there. But let's be realistic: Dixon and Ivy are around their friends ALL the time. Could they sell the fact they are on a first date? Sure.

But there's simply no way Teddy, Silver, Liam and company would believe the duo are instantly a full-fledged couple, with nicknames and everything. It's this sort of rushed storytelling that often gets in the way of 90210 becoming a consistently great show. Do you agree?

Speaking of rushed storytelling: Ivy's mother heard Adrianna sing a few songs and instantly wants to sign her?!? Again, why not give this a few episodes, have Adrianna develop true friendships with her band mates and then throw her into this awkward situation? You've been renewed for a third season, 90210. Breathe. Take your time with things.

If I'm being too harsh, allow me to list a few things I enjoyed about "Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees." For instance:

  • Ivy's laid back, fun-loving mother. She seems cool, and like an interesting companion for Ryan. Certainly better than Jen. She also gives more depth to Ivy.
  • The sexual harassment storyline. Not because it's particularly riveting, but last week Liam tied it into both their mothers acting as weak pawns in the face of cheating spouses. Always nice to see storylines merge and to see them used to bring a couple closer.
  • Was Debbie off banging the Yoga instructor? Would you blame her if so? Dude is smokin, and flexible!
  • Dixon's gambling problem. Sure, the original show did it with Brandon Walsh. But it makes me happy any time basketball plays a key role in a conversation.

What did you think of the episode? We've listed our favorite 90210 quotes from it below:

Teddy: I know how cute you look when you're angry.
Silver: I hate you.
Teddy: No you don't. I know you. | permalink
Teddy: What's the word?
Ivy: The word is that I got a great guy. | permalink
Adrianna: I'm still trying to figure this thing out.
Gia: Step one: stop calling it "this thing." | permalink
Dixon: One time I bought her a leather bracelet and she accused me of being insensitive to cow feelings. Cow feelings! | permalink
Ivy: Dixon, why do you know Silver's Facebook status? | permalink

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