90210 Round Table: "Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees"

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With strong views emanating from both sides over this week's episode of 90210, it's the perfect time for another edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table!

Many readers have taken exception to our review of "Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees," but that's what these discussions are all about: delving further into various developments and encouraging fan feedback on it all.

Sound off in the Comments section or in the 90210 forum on the following topics...

Are pro or con Ivy and Dixon as a couple?
M.L. House: Pro. I just wish the show would take more time creating their connection. Dixon pretty much heard one joke from Ivy and is already smitten. Give these two time to develop chemistry and they could be my favorite pairing.

Dr. Shepherd: Con. What the heck would their nickname be? Ixon? Divy? Nothing works.

The Barnacle: I truly believe that the best relationships often occur when neither side is expecting it. That would certainly be the case here and it's something I look forward to watching.

90210 RT, Take 2

Cooler mom: Debbie or Laurel Sullivan?
M.L. House: I'm pretty certain Debbie is gonna have an affair with her Yoga instructor. So this is an easy call: Ivy's mother.

Dr. Shepherd: Laurel. She smokes pot, she offers advice/encouragement on men and she dates young, hot teachers who she picks up at the bar. Sorry, Debs. But this is no contest.

The Barnacle: I've gotta go with Debbie. She puts up with so much at home, from dealing with Dixon's birth mother, Harry's aloofness and Annie... sucking. She's one of my all-time favorite TV parents.

Where was Navid this week?
M.L. House: Editing Naomi's most recent trainwreck of a gossip report. That takes a long time to do.

Dr. Shepherd: Hopefully getting a haircut. No offense, dude, but you gotta shorten those locks.

The Barnacle: I don't know, but here's what I can't wait for: when he learns that his ex-girlfriend has switched teams!

Will Silver and Teddy make it as a couple?
M.L. House: No. I think Dixon's plans with Ivy will work and Silver will eventually go back to him. Does this mean Dixon will accept her? I'd bet on it.

Dr. Shepherd: Yes. How old is Teddy, like 34? His days of being a swinging bachelor are likely behind him and he's ready to go steady for a long period of time.

The Barnacle: Nope. He's gonna cheat on her and make her realize that Dixon is the one.

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Silver: I got a haircut.
Teddy: Like a hair cut? A single hair?

You are noting like Jen, and if you were, I wouldn't be with you.


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