The Strain Season 3: Faster Pace, Battle For New York...Vamps Boom?!?!

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There are going to be some changes on The Strain. 

The cast and crew of the terrific drama took to a panel at San Diego Comic Con to reveal details about The Strain Season 3

They addressed that some of the previous episodes had a slow pace. 

“We wanted to increase the narrative velocity of the show,” Cuse explained.

“We’re past the point where we’re worried about, ‘Are the strigois real? Are people in denial?’… There’s a problem, it has to be solved, the fate of New York City is at stake.”

It really sounds like the powers that be are intent on taking the show from strength to strength. 

Sure, the episode order is shorter, but that probably means it will result in a faster pace for the FX drama. 

“Ten episodes would make the show kickass all the time,” he added.

“This season is really an all-out battle for the soul of New York.”

Sometimes, 13 episodes are just a little bit too much, so it seems like a good idea for a serialized drama to go with 10. 

The characters really have a tough battle ahead of them. 

They'll be tasked with saving New York from the deranged monsters that are trying to get rid of civilization. 

It sure sounds like they are going to have to delve into the past in order to win.

“We dig deeper into how the Ancients relate to Quinlan and the Master,” Cuse said. “The Ancients get very involved in the whole plan to get rid of the Master.”

Also a hot topic at the panel: Romance. 

The show will be more romantic, with most of the characters getting some action. 

It all sounds pretty damn interesting. Right?!

A video was also released about how to deal with making your TV show stand out in a market that's littered with TV shows. 

We don't quite know whether there is over 600 shows. That seems like a ballpark figure!

Meanwhile, there was a little fun going on behind the scenes. Something called "Vamps Boom."

Below, Kevin Durand, David Bradley and Miguel Gomez will let you in on a little song they made for the show.

It's pretty damn great! Will it be the surprise hit of the summer? It just might happen.

What do you think about the latest news about the FX drama? Are you singing "Vamps Boom" now?

Hit the comments. 

Remember you can watch The Strain online right here on TV Fanatic. Get caught up now!

The Strain Season 3 kicks off August 28. 

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