Vinyl Trailer: The Visionary

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Richie Finestra had a bit of an epiphany when the walls came tumbling down.

He's not going to sell American Century Records.

Instead he's going to change the music industry from where they're standing now.

That doesn't mean everyone is excited about the premise.

As a matter of fact, his partner, Zak, says Richie is the visionary they're all following off a cliff. Lemmings much?

Lester says no one is a rock star by accident. That's right, there is a lot of work by a lot of people behind the scenes.

Richie wants to make American Century the future of rock and roll.

He wants not a hit from the Nasty Bitz, but an original Nasty Bitz song. He's looking for the new, the now.

And who's playing soon? None other than the late great David Bowie.

Have you fallen under the spell of Vinyl?

And if not, why not?

Read the Vinyl Season 1 Episode 1 review and drop us a line. 

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Vinyl Quotes

I just bought those bagels. They were fresh. They're not so fresh anymore.


Zak: He's talkin' a boycott. Label wide.
Richie: Over Donnie fuckin' Osmond?!