William Hung Still Getting the Gigs

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Hung Not Over Yet
The American Idol disaster who became a household name after his national TV rejection is bringing his "talent" to Wayne County, Indiana.

Yes, folks, William Hung is still around. Even non-American Idol fans are likely to remember his performance on the popular Fox show.

His rendition of the Ricky Martin song "She Bangs" sent Hung went out with... well, a bang.

He'll hit Indiana with a bang at 7 p.m., November 29, in a concert at Fountain City Wesleyan Church. Despite an off-key singing voice, the lovable Asian-American gained more popularity than most Idols who went further in the competition.

Nearly three years after his abominable audition, Hung books concerts at shopping malls, charity events, halftime shows and in November, a church near you.

"This is one of the biggest things to ever happen in Richmond," event organizer Adam Cappa said. "We're trying to do something that will benefit both the teens and the community."

The idea to book Hung came from the FCWC Youth Group planning events to help get more people involved in the organization. When planning events for the youth group, the idea of a concert was put on the table.

Youth Pastor Greg Boyce mentioned having Christian singer John Ruben come to the church but Cappa had other ideas. The suggestion of Hung came up and Cappa e-mailed him. He received a response that night.

The church is calling the event "Hung' In Out." Wow.

Hung also will sign autographs and pose for pictures.

Road trip, anyone?

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William Hung SUCKS!


hello i go to fountain city wesleyan church.
william hung night was fantastic!:)everyone was wild and i enjoyed the music.


Hey guys i go to FCWC so come over and see capdizzle and hung rock!


Hey Friends thanks for the support!! Hope to see some of you fans at the show. Just to let you know, The Adam Cappa Band is opening the night up! check us out @ adamcappa.com & myspace.com/theadamcappaband Much Love InHim!


Like they say, "ONLY IN AMERICA". Good show, William Hung - - more people should have your moxie! You always "give it your best", and what more can we ask for. Thanks for entertaining us. Good luck, and God bless you!