Round Table: "Let the Angels Commit"

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This week on the Round Table, Izzie and Alex come through for their patients, Derek needs some time, Miranda learns what Cristina's up to, and George likens himself to a farm animal ...

Is George the pig?

George: Not the Pig

McCritic: The man acts a lot more like a chicken, often with his head (or hair, at least) cut off. It doesn't seem like he has the backbone - or hooves - necessary to commit to Callie like a well-trained porker should.

AwayWithMerDer: No way. George is still the chicken. When Callie told George to stop chasing her unless he's ready to catch her, what did George do? Eggs.

iheartizzie: I defer to the devoted readers of Grey's Anatomy Insider to answer this for me, and so far, it's not even close. As of this posting, fans believe by a significant margin that Dr. O'Malley is not oinking material.

Married-to-McDreamy: No, George is unfortunately not the pig. For someone claiming to be ready for committment, George couldn't even muster the chutzpah to give a particularly convincing or heartfelt speech about it. His explanation of this somewhat odd but endearing metaphor came out garbled and convoluted, much like his feelings about Callie. When Callie told him that he'd better be ready to catch her if he plans on continuing to chase her, the look in George's eyes did not scream out committment to me. His decision to walk away, rather than respond, also does not bode well...

More surprising clutch performance: Alex ditching Mark and saving the day in Addison's surgery, or Izzie coaxing the burn patient into a psychiatric evaluation?

iheartizzie: Isobel. She's been on shaky ground even since Denny died, and I wasn't sure how her first day back would turn out. Izzie risked getting burned (so to speak) when she outed Gretchen, but it ended up being a great call.

AwayWithMerDer: I'm going to have to go with Alex. Izzie already had something to prove. Alex? Alex has just really been stepping up these last few episodes.

Married-to-McDreamy: I'd say the more surprising clutch performance was Izzie coaxing the burn patient. I think we've all seen Alex's admiration for the "gynie squad" growing over the past couple of episodes and it did not come as a surprise to me that he chose to hang up McSteamy's phone and scrub in on an interesting surgery with Dr. Montgomery. Izzie, on the other hand, surprised me when she was able to break the rules (again) and not only get away with it this time, but succeed in saving a patient from further injury.

McCritic: Karev, by technical knockout. Alex using the rope-a-dope strategy against Addison the entire time wasn't expected. The intern let women pummel him with their privates, pretending to be defenseless and indifferent, while actually soaking up knowledge and using it when it mattered most. Mark never saw Alex's womb walloping coming.

What will Miranda do after discovering Cristina altering the OR board?

AwayWithMerDer: Honestly, I'm quivering in my boots just thinking about it. We've been seeing the softer side of Miranda these last few months, but I think the Nazi is back. Cristina's going to get stuck with some pretty boring surgeries. Maybe she'll be working on some ingrown toenails with the resident podiatrist. That is, if hospitals even have podiatrists. Got me, I try to avoid real ones.

Soft Nazi No More!

Married-to-McDreamy: The logical guess is that she will go to the Chief and explain what she's seen. My guess, however, is that she will set up an elaborate booby trap consisting of trip wire, a bucket full of water, and a banana peel right in front of the board to expose Christina in the act.

McCritic: I don't see the Nazi goose-stepping directly to the chief on this one. She needs to prove her resolve after the Denny debacle. So you know what that means, right, Cristina? Kiss those whiteboard marker privileges goodbye.

iheartizzie: Dr. Bailey is not one for letting things slide, nor is she the type to let passive-aggressive rage build up. Cristina's going to get an earful approximately four seconds into the next episode, and will probably be stripped of many surgical duties immediately thereafter.

So Derek needs some time. How much of it are we talking about?

Married-to-McDreamy: I predict Derek will take approximately one week. A trip to the woods with the other men will be all that he needs before he feels ready to return to his old ways.

McCritic: The good news for Meredith is it'll probably be less time than it takes him to do his hair every morning. The bad news? We could still be looking at four to five months in that case.

AwayWithMerDer: Long enough that we all keep watching Grey's Anatomy for another couple seasons just to see these guys together.

iheartizzie: Mid-May sounds about right.

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LOL You are funny JuJu. I think the ham and eggs and pig and chicken were the same metaphor, but I agree. Whoever says a pig sticks has never tried to catch one. Neither one seems very committed to me. I didn't quite get the metaphor.


Er wait I had it right the first time


Did I say George is the chicken...I meant pig, I hate that metaphor. We had two bad metaphors in one episode with that and the ham or eggs thing.


I have to say that I agree with Carly and JuJu. I think Cristina believes she is standing by her guy but I hate the way she interrupts him when he is talking to patients and is making decisions for both of them. He needs to take charge of his life again. I hope the something big that will happen in two or three episodes is something good for Burke and Cristina. Bailey has to call out Cristina. She doesn't yet know about Burke's involvement in the whole thing. I hope it leads to his admitting his problem and getting help with it so that we can get past this disabiilty story line and move on to bigger and better things for my guy and his girl.


I think of Grey's Anatomy like the saying I grew up hearing about the weather. If you don't like it stick around it will change. And I also think it going to be something big.


George and Callie are done, over, finito. He is the chicken and it won't really matter because Alex, who quietly is turning into the best character on the show, will tell George about how he overheard Mark and Callie. George does not love Callie and he never will. He does not want to fake loving her because he knows how bad that can feel.
Look, we all knew that Izzie was gonna come back and be the same person, so Karev definately had the most suprising performance. I think it was more than just him making the choice not to go into plastics, it was kind of the choice not to be Mark Sloan, you know. Throughout the first two seasons, he was the pompous, self-absorbed ass who everyone hated, but now he's becoming a genuine good guy who will eventually hook up with Addy, yeah it's gonna happen.
MerDer doesn't seem that important, even though it's supposedly the most important part of the show. Stop dragging it out Shonda, please. We all know what's gonna happen.
Finally, Cristina is screwed. There is no way that she can get out of this because it's not like she did something to a patient or another intern. Bailey is basically her boss, and there is no way that you can do that to your boss. Cristina feels like she has too much power, you just can't do that without anything happening. Anyway, whoever it was that said season two was better is right, but something big is gonna happen in two or three episodes, I can feel it. BE PATIENT GUYS!


As much as I would like George to be the pig, alas he is not. He wants to be committed to Callie but he can't. If there's nothing else, just look at the way they met and got together. He was still depressed and hurt over Meredith. I don't doubt that Callie loves him, but unfortunately I don't think he'll ever be able to really love her back. As for Alex or Izzie. I've got to go with Alex. He really stepped up and saved that baby's life. I like that we're seeing the nice side of Alex. Although, I have to agree that you knew as soon he was put with Addison, he was going to give on plastics and go with the "gyny squad". Ah, the Nazi! I would so love to see Miranda just rip Cristina a new one because, although she doesn't realize it, she is completely taking advantage of Burke. I know, she believes that she's helping him but really she's hurting him. Look at what she did with the whole Baily thing. Burke had to act like he didn't want her in his OR when it was all Cristina's fault. I think she needs to be taken down a few notches. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad she's helping Burke, b/c I love Burke, but really she's getting a little power hungry. And finally McDreamy! What do I say about McDreamy? Will he and Mer ever get their acts together, who knows. But I do think if you throw a little McSteamy into the mix that would light a fire under Derek pretty quick.


The Nazi is definately back. After the Izzie/Denny episode, no way she is going to let this slide. She already feels she wasn't there for Izzie and that she could have stopped her. She won't go to the chief - she will take a strip off both Christina and Burke. Hope - I disagree with your statement "I think snapping at Christina will only prove the point that she is still ‘over emotional' after her pregnancy… " Rage was what she did before her pregnancy so what better way to show everyone that she's not emotional & "soft" DSG


Of course Miranda is going to confront burke, and or Christina... but Despite her obvious ability to rage and rage (in her true 'Natzi' fashion), she is a logical woman. I think snapping at Christina will only prove the point that she is still 'over emotional' after her pregnancy... and I don't think that's what the writers have in mind.
Am I right? Either way it's all gonna come out for the dynamic and deceiving duo, that it, Burke and Christina.


Is George the pig? I have to say not yet and not with Calli. I don't think he is ready for commitment because he hasn't really sorted out his feelings yet. His response to her suggestion not to chase him unless he is prepared to catch her was to do nothing in typical George fashion.
More surprising clutch performance? I would have to say Alex. I expect Izzie to be empathetic, but I would have also expected Meredith to have caught on without Izzie having to point it out that this girl was afraid to take the Bar exams yet again. Alex is drawn to the little ones and I love it because he would never have expected to be. The bigger question for me is, why is Mark Sloan such an ass??
What will Bailey do? I agree with whoever said Bailey isn't the kind not to speak up. I think Bailey will confront Cristina who will be in huge trouble and Burke will have to save her by confessing. If he is the man I think he is, he won't let Cristina take the fall for him.
How much time will McDreamy need? Are we coming up on sweeps week yet?

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