Round Table: "Where The Boys Are"

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This week on the Round Table, male bonding is off the charts in the forest, an enraged Bailey strikes back against Cristina, and Mark offers some friendly advice to Meredith ...

Will Dr. Burke and Dr. Shepherd become true friends?

Friends Forever?
McCritic: No. They each have too much pride to open up to the other as true friends must. They may bond over a surgery, it's possible they give one another knowing intern-loving winks ... but Dr. Shepherd will never have the running, cooking, coffee canoodling relationship with Dr. Burke that George enjoys.

iheartizzie: My gut reaction is that these guys are far too different, evasive, and arrogant at times to make a lasting friendship works. But Derek needs a group of guy friends, and Burke seems willing to be the flagship member. A self-proclaimed kind and decent person, and one with an assortment of interests, Preston will worm his way into Derek's inner circle one day.

AwayWithMerDer: Absolutely. I think it's time Derek got some new guy friends. I'm pretty sure Dr. Burke will never sleep with Derek's future wife (Meredith of course) behind his back. It's time to open your heart again, Derek.

How much do you love the Chief?

AwayWithMerDer: The Chief was easily the most entertaining character during the camping trip. From his picnic basket to inviting himself to sleep with Joe and his boyfriend. What a ridiculous man.

Richard: Awkward, Lovable

McCritic: More than Callie loves dancing in her underwear.

iheartizzie: More than ever. Richard is as flawed and overwhelmed by the real world as he is talented inside the operating rooms of Seattle Grace, giving his character a real authenticity that we rarely saw in Season 1 or Season 2.

His awkward, but supportive babbling upon realizing that Joe and Walter are gay was one of the show's funniest moments as well. "Man love!"

First to scrub in on a surgery: Cristina or Izzie?

AwayWithMerDer: I'm going to go with Izzie on this one. Cristina really pissed off Dr. Bailey. Hell has no wrath like a woman scorned.

McCritic: Intern Stevens lacks self-confidence at the moment. Therefore, when it comes to performing surgery, the only appropriate tagline for her is: "Izzie does it." No, she doesn't do the surgery. She takes her time getting prepared, takes it easy. As in: easy does it. Nevermind. The answer is Cristina.

iheartizzie: I'm not sure Izzie's ready to scrub in after her admission of fear and self-doubt during her heart-to-heart with the irritating, yet adorable Sidney. Dr. Yang, meanwhile, has Burke's back. And Burke is a surgical god -- or at least was, and is believed to be by everyone on staff not named O'Malley. What he says goes, and he'll have Cristina back in the OR shortly, much to the Nazi's consternation.

Was Mark offering sincere advice, or just trying to get Meredith into bed?

McCritic: Can't it be both? Look, at the end of the episode, Mark had his chance to cut into the conversation between Meredith and Shepherd and exert his McJerkiness. But he backed off. He realized the connection between this pair. Mark may typically think with the part of his body he sliced off Donna last night, but that doesn't mean there can't also be sincerity behind his innuendo.

iheartizzie: I think the two are mutually exclusive. Mark clearly would sleep with Meredith if given the opportunity, but he'd also go home with just about anything that showed interest (someone's got to get this guy and Olivia together). Mark seemed genuine in his advice regarding Derek, however, taking no issue with the fact that he's the reason McDreamy's so tainted. Raging libido aside, he may have been trying to help her. Seriously.

AwayWithMerDer: Just in case Mark wasn't slimeball enough when he slept with Addy, he's definitely trying to bed Meredith right now. And completely selling out Derek to do so? I was ready to jump inside the television and have Derek's back. At least we all know how the episode ended!

Okay, These are Rules 1, Second and C!

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How about that bathtub scene with Meredith and Derek? that looks really juicy! so much for them taking things slow! what about alex kissing izzie? cant wait ti l next week!


Cristina will be back to surgery first because Burke will see to it. Richard was totally adorable... it was a great episode for him!


You know something Ashlynn H, I was thinking the same thing when I had first scene that epsiode called "Yesterday." That would make sense and explain why Derek threw himself into his work and why Addison really went to Mark for comfort(I wasn't buying the whole Derek not paying attention to Addison thing she dosen't really seem like that kind of person to me). Plus in the epsiode "Time has come" remember when that girl threw her baby in the garbage and Addison made that comment about how could someone do that and go on with their day as if nothing happened. She may have been refering to her situtation with Derek being with Mer(like a lot of people seem to think) but I think she was refering to something else(something from her past with Derek that could invovle a baby that they had lost). And then In the "Where the boys are" epsiode she just burst in to tears when she discovered that the blonde lady had just lost her baby. Now, I know it was sad but maybe she was crying because she could relate to the young lady's situtation. So thanks for pointing that out, Ashlynn H!


It's possible she might be pregnant. But could it also be possible that something might have happen to cause Addison to miscarry her and Derek's baby or it might have died after it was born. Plus there is the divorce and it didn't take her long to figure out Mark slept with Callie. Addison did say she feel in love with him. It caught my attention in season 2. When Meredith ask Derek if things would have been different if they would have had kids. He was real careful about what he said which lead me to believe something happen. There is so much we still have to learn about the past and it should be interesting as the season continues.


Yeah Burke Backer, my mother and friends figured that one out too.


Hi Melissa, I thought the "Man love" comment was really funny, too, also the "Brokeback Mountain" comment. He was obviously so uncomfortable with his blunder and trying to cover it up. Very funny. The outdoor setting was just beautiful. Someone else mentioned Addison's emotional state and also wondered if she might be pregnant. I figure they made McSteamy a regular for some reason and that may be it.


in the promo you can see Georges dad's arm is in something that looks like a sling. So my guess is that maybe whatever happened to him caused him to fall and hurt his arm?


Mark is just misunderstood. I have feeling though that Mer will play peace maker bewteen Mark and Derek and in the process Mark will become a better man for Addison to truly love because of saint Mer. And btw, in his own strange/sick and twisted way, I think that Mark was trying to be helpful/protectful when he was advising Mer but he's so use to being the kind of man that women sleep with when their life is crappy that he doesn't know how to be the kind of man that a women can love and spend the rest of their life with and not just have a one night stand with. He just wouldn't do that to Derek now... he seems to be working hard in trying to fix his mistakes. But I still think he needs a steel belt and barbwire to keep him from taking off his pants cause everytime his pants are off he gets into trouble. And is it just me or does anyone else think that Addison is/might be pregant??? She was more emotional than usual. And what about that fight last night between Alex and George?? I loved it and thought it was funny. Think there will be a round two? The chief"man love" comment...LOVED IT!!


I could see Burke and Derrick being friend, maybe not very close friends, but because Cristina and Meredith are best friend, they could be friends at some level. On the contrary, the interns are assigned to residents and they assign the duties. In the case of Burke/Cristina and Meredith/ Derrick (when they were in a relationship), the attendings would not be able to override her assignments. Theoretically, it would be seen as a conflict of interest. But I do believe that Cristina would scrub in before Izzie only because she is the best intern. I won't even comment on that guy that slept with Addison. He doesn't do anything for me; he's just scum.


Oh, I love these questions.
1. I don't think Derek and Burke will be best buddies, but Meredith and Cristina are, or at least have been, pretty good friends, so if our two couples stay together as couples, I think they might develop a friendship of sorts. A double date would be kind of fun.
2. I do love the Chief. His heart is always in the right place. He just loves his job and has put his family on the back burner. He was very funny on the camping trip.
3. I have to agree with iheartizzie. Cristina will be back in surgery before Izzie because Burke needs her and Burke is in some ways Baiiley's boss, at least an attending outranks a resident.
4. I think McSteamy is all about ego. Don't know why someone who looks like that has to continually prove his ability to charm the ladies, but I don't think he was trying to help Meredith. He was after yet another conquest at Derek's expense.

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