Another Grey's Anatomy Rumor Centers Around Isaiah Washington

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Any time Grey's Anatomy spoilers are referenced, you have to take them with a grain of salt. The term is practically a misnomer, given how shrouded in secrecy the program is.

But a TV Guide insider is revealing a possible (but we would have to say unlikely) rumor that we nonetheless thought would be of interest. The magazine's Michael Ausiello writes:

Washington & Rhimes
"Although I don't believe for a second that Shonda Rhimes would actually do this, the chatter about a possible Burke death is getting louder with each passing day. A Grey's source, however, says it's not true and that Isaiah Washington's job is safe â€" at least for now.

Speaking of which, did you all catch the special Grey's Anatomy-centric Oprah two weeks ago? And if so, how uncomfortable was O's little powwow with Washington, Patrick Dempsey and T.R. Knight? I haven't witnessed such a forced reconciliation since the late '90s when Cybill Shepherd and Christine Baranski went on Entertainment Tonight to proclaim that everything was hunky-dory on the Cybill set."

We personally don't believe Dr. Burke is going anywhere, especially since he has received the full backing of Shonda Rhimes publicly and his character is as central to the show as ever before.

As far as Ausiello's take on the Oprah visit, it's hard to say whether they were uncomfortable or not, as interviews are not scripted and don't often catch people at their best. We thought they looked fine.

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Dr. Burke plays a pivotal role on Grey's and i know Grey's will lose alot of viewers if he is written off the script and that's a promise! I fa Isaiah! People need to just let it die!


When you qualify as a judge of acting, Justin, perhaps your critique will have a bit more credibility. Clint Eastwood said after filming True Crimes that Isaiah is a tremendous talent who has a great career ahead. Spike Lee hired him to star in several of his movies. Shonda Rhimes believes in him and has said so repeatedly. Sandra Oh has never carried Isaiah Washington on this show for one moment. He can hold his own with any actor. You are welcome to fast forward the Burke parts. Perhaps that is why you don't realize his talent. You don't like him personally so you don't watch. I wish there was a way to fast forward the Justin entries on this website because they are never anything but negative and hurtful. You must not know a thing about television productions if you think Sandra Oh has any say in who stays and who goes. And, by the way, Sandra has had nothing but positive things to say about Isaiah the actor and Isaiah the man. For such a huge Grey's fan, did you mean Shonda? The only thing pathetic is your continued obsession with your perceived bigotry. I honestly think if vote were taken, the Justin character would have to go rather than Burke.


I totally agree with you nameless.....hatefulness is a waste of time.


I like Grey's Anatomy and there are 12 main characters. There are things I love about each of them and there are things I dislike about each of the. I like to read articles and see interviews that they do together and seperate. But is there anyone on here that know any of them personally to make a harsh judgement about their real life characters. I think we should enjoy the show and talking about it. But let's just leave the verbal disrespect out of it. An opinion is one thing hatefulness is another.


First of all, Isaiah's obvious personal bigotry and poor temperament aside, he is just a weak link in the show. I am a huge Grey's fan and enjoy the racial diversity and the great acting by the other cast members but the Burke character has to go. It may be partly the bad acting or just the boring story line but we always fast forward the Burke parts unless the outstanding Sandra Oh is involved. I think it is pathetic that Sandra is keeping Isaiah around just out of a sense of commitment. She should cut her losses and hire someone more competent with a bit of acting skill already!


The only reason I watch Ga are the outstanding acting of IW and SO and their chemistry. If he were killed off, I'd stop. He made a mistake, he apologized. Move on.


my sisters have been IW fans since true crime. my nieces and their classmates are now IW/dr. burke fans. we're from the philippines, we're not so comfy with lynch mobs, am so sorry but some burkebashers are getting there. what is so hateful if a man says he wants to be clean shaven? is there a campaign to discredit IW? if he made a mistake, who hasn't? if burke's character underwent all these dark changes, go back to the writers. but am having a heyday reading all these comments, what a picture of the american audience. the very mature, perceptive and intelligent comments, almost always come from the burke/yang fans. says a great deal!


Just when you think people are mature enough to let something go. This site is for GA fans and not for those who have noithing better to do with their time. If you don't like Isaiah or GA find you another show and web site and leave the rest of us to enjoy it. Isaiah is an important part of the show and a great actor and I hope he's around for a long time.


Also, I watched GA on Oprah, and I guess I missed something, because they didn't look uncomfortable to me. If anything, they were probably irritated that they were having the conversation when they've moved passed it.


As Bailey would say "you so stupid!" whoever started this again.

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