Another Grey's Anatomy Rumor Centers Around Isaiah Washington

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Any time Grey's Anatomy spoilers are referenced, you have to take them with a grain of salt. The term is practically a misnomer, given how shrouded in secrecy the program is.

But a TV Guide insider is revealing a possible (but we would have to say unlikely) rumor that we nonetheless thought would be of interest. The magazine's Michael Ausiello writes:

Washington & Rhimes
"Although I don't believe for a second that Shonda Rhimes would actually do this, the chatter about a possible Burke death is getting louder with each passing day. A Grey's source, however, says it's not true and that Isaiah Washington's job is safe â€" at least for now.

Speaking of which, did you all catch the special Grey's Anatomy-centric Oprah two weeks ago? And if so, how uncomfortable was O's little powwow with Washington, Patrick Dempsey and T.R. Knight? I haven't witnessed such a forced reconciliation since the late '90s when Cybill Shepherd and Christine Baranski went on Entertainment Tonight to proclaim that everything was hunky-dory on the Cybill set."

We personally don't believe Dr. Burke is going anywhere, especially since he has received the full backing of Shonda Rhimes publicly and his character is as central to the show as ever before.

As far as Ausiello's take on the Oprah visit, it's hard to say whether they were uncomfortable or not, as interviews are not scripted and don't often catch people at their best. We thought they looked fine.

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I just really cannot talk about this any more. Anyone who wishes Burke off of the show is not a true fan of the show because his character is an intricate part of the ethnic and gender balance, not to mention a central character in the story lines. There are mean spirited people who want to take a brief lapse in judgment and turn it into something far more pervasive than it was. Frankly, I don't care who gets along with whom on the set. It probably makes for a better atmosphere if they like each other, but what is important to me is how they interact on screen and that looks perfect to me. I can't believe Isaiah Washington was criticized in one gossip magazine for going home to his wife after he finishes work. Apparently he was suppose to go bar hopping with other single members of the cast. Perhaps that is why his marriage has lasted ten years, because he has his priorities straight. So what if they were uncomfortable on Oprah. Does that mean the fans of the show should lose the character of Burke? That makes totally no sense. I agree with Michael Ausielo. I don't believe for a minute that Shonda would kill of this character that draws in such a huge fan base. He may not be McDreamy, but he is still McPerfect to a lot of us, both on and off screen.


I tell you I am getting so sick of this. Have we not already heard thiis. They've already said he's not leaving...Geez! What part of that do they not understand.


So, the other interviews that were done since then are all staged and scripted, too? Is that right? Is that your take on it? Even if the words were scripted by someone at GA trying to do damage control for a small event that was blown out of proportion by disreputable people who like to ruin a good thing because it makes news, the pat on the back that Patrick Dempsey gave Isaiah Washington when they broke for commercial and didn't even know they were still on the air, was not staged. It looked extremely sincere. The commaraderie between Patrick and Isaiah after the interviews in the bar also looked sincere. In addition, these are outstanding actors. If it were scripted, I think they could have done a better job of making it believable. I thought they looked uncomfortable on Oprah, too, and I think they would have all four preferred to talk about the show and their characters and what was in store for the fictional doctors of Seattle Grace than to rehash the same old story. I also think they looked a bit taken aback by Oprah saying she didn't like the camping episode. Ellen Pompeo looked uncomfortable talking about her love scenes with Derek, too. This is probably not something that any of them enjoy doing all that much. They are actors. Give them a good script and they are in their element. Call them in front of a national audience to talk about something they would rather forget and they look uncomfortable.


I gotta call it as I see it. I totally agree with Michael Ausiello's take on the Oprah interview. It looked staged and scripted to me, and I wasn't buying a minute of it, despite their best efforts.


OK this is not the first thing I want to read when I get off work. Burke Backer I hope your OK because I'm not. I believe it has to be an ugly rumor someone started. I also agree with Bonnie M it has to be another character. They can't take Burke away from Cristina or us. I know some people think were crazy but it is like losing a friend or family member. We have come to truely love these guys. We like bringing them into our homes every week. I mean if someone does have to die sorry but my first choices are Callie or Mark. Please Shonda don't take Burke away from us.


I refuse to believe it until I see it. Isaiah is an important part of the show. He's a great actor and he would be missed to much. I am thinking it might be Adele, Callie, Mark, or maybe even Addison. Ellis is a possibility but there is still alot of story line for her they can use. It would be like losing a family member because we have come to love the characters you look forward to seeing every week.


It had been a really nice day until I read this. Aren't you just so tired of these rumors? Why do they persist? I don't understand it. He is such a good actor and seems like such a nice person. His character does so much to enhance the show. It just wouldn't be the same without him. We've gone through this already and I had hoped it was past and we could concentrate on the direction his character might take on the show. It would be like losing family if he were to die on this show or leave in any other way. Who starts rumors like this and why would they do it?


Burke Backer - I hope you are not having a heart attack right now!!!!!!1
don't worry Burke fans...I don't think he is going anywhere.....
It is okay Burke is sticking with GA.


I just started watching the show after seeing Isaiah Washington on the View. I love the show and I think he is wonderful in the role as Dr. Burke. He is so smooth and interesting! But as fast as I fell in love with him and the show I read the news of him being written off the show.
To read the comments that he is "not going anywhere" has made my life! Many thanks!


If anything they just looked really annoyed to be asked that question AGAIN!!! But Patrick, T.R and Isiaha did look a little uncomfortable mostly because they knew that question was coming up. Leave it to Oprah to always go for those"questions" just so she can get the ratings. Burke isn't going anywhere. And it's really sad that this "fight" is the most intresting thing of season 3.(speaking of season three, what do you guys think so far). I feel like it's over-shadowing season three and I wish that people would fine something else to talk about.

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