American Idol Auditions: Los Angeles

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Welcome to Los Angeles, fans.

Last night's American Idol auditions in Birmingham were decent, but this is Hollywood. Let's see if the contestants can step it up ...

Most unexpected: It's actually not Olivia Newton-John. The well-known singer from Grease is more welcome than this panther dude. He actually seems surprised to be rejected.

Most awesome assonance: Alaina Alexander. That hoarse voice could help her make it as a sex operater - or an American Idol, apparently, considering she's moving on to Hollywood. Or remaining in Hollywood. Either way.

Most surprising Taylor Hicks wanna-be: Phuong Pham. Her mom told her she was no Katharine McPhee? Ouch. No golden ticket? Double ouch. That dancing? Let's just move on.

Brandon Rogers
Most experienced: Brandon Rogers (pictured). A back-up singer for Christina Aguilera and Anastacia? That almost seems like cheating. But there are no rules against it and Brandon seems likable.

Most boy band ready: Brian Miller. Simon forgot him from last year. Never a good sign. But he may cry if we don't give him a golden ticket. Thanks, guys.

Best closing note: We wish Simon hadn't embarassed Eric Mueller like that - but how could he not with such rich material as the help he tried to recieve from a Randy and Paula CD?

So long, L.A. San Antonio on Tuesday has to be better.

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Can't wait to see the San Antonio auditions! I WAS THERE, AND I AUDITIONED! This was my 5th year auditioning... and I haven't given up because I know I have SOME talent. I just don't seem to show it when I actually get up to the "PRE-QUALIFYING" round. I really wished I could hear what Simon, Paula, and Randy would say. Maybe they could really give me some esteem. Or maybe just some pointers?


i've heard it all - if courtney love is
hired as a judge on american idol, all my
friends and myself will NOT watch the show
ever about a druggie


That panther dude was RIDICULOUS. And hilarious.