American Idol Auditions: Seattle

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We've heard a lot about the Seattle auditions. A lot of rather poor, scary things. So let's get going with our second American Idol diary ...

Ugliest case of The Hotness: Sorry, Jennifer Chapton, but if you need to introduce yourself as that, it doesn't bode too well.

Contestant most supported by Paris Hilton: Melissa Carlene Stavros. We doubt she was named after Paris' on again/off again boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos, but Seattle is making us reach for interesting observations.

American Idol Auditions: Seattle

Most Taylor Hicks-like: This guy (pictured)!

Best siblings: Shyamalle and Sanjaya Malakar. Each seemed fun, each sang well. But how will judges/fans choose between them?

Tallest American Idol hopeful: Anna Kerns is six foot, four inches tall. Of course she was getting through to the next round. Would you tell this giant no?

Favorite of the night: Jordin Sparks. Love the name, like the personality. The best in Seattle. Not sure if that's saying a lot.

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Anna Kearns and I used to sing in competitions all the time. The last time I saw her was about 6 months ago... I guess that's cause she moved to Abilene from here (Wichita Falls)... sooo now that I saw WICHITA FALLS on the AMERICAN IDOL screen, I have hope for next year... which will be #6 for me. I keep on truckin' on!


Shyamalle and Sanjaya Malakar... The sister has my vote all the way. She is too cute for words and my g/f got jealous when she came on the tv because I stopped in mid-sentence when i saw her. Oh well... that's my dream. =b