American Idol Song, CD Updates: Bucky and Elliot

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  • Bucky Covington debuts this week at No. 57 on Billboard's Country Tracks chart with his first single, "A Different World."
  • Elliot Yamin will be released his first CD through an independent label on March 20. It will preceded by a single, "Movin' On," set for air play on February 13.

It's safe to assume hopefuls from last night's auditions in Memphis, such as Sundance Head, hope to enjoy such endeavors in the future.

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I fell in love w/ Elliott after he sang "Moody's Mood For Love". He's permanently in my heart. Can't wait for his new CD to drop on March 20th!


Go Bucky, Can not wait to hear the new single "A Different World" and I look forward to your debut CD. We wish you every success here in Canada!!!!!


It's about time. Elliott is a great singer and really deserves a CD. I can't wait to hear that wonderful voice on the air waves. This man has one of the best voices I have ever heard. GO ELLIOTT. I LOVE HIM


Thanks for the update on Elliott Yamin and Bucky.
Elliott has moved my soul since the very first time I heard him sing, getting to know more about this kind and gentle soul has only added to my love and admiration for him. His voice warms my spirit and keeps me longing for more!
Bucky is a good guy too and I wish them both much success!


I so look forward to hearing Elliott's new single called "Moving On". It comes out Feb. 13th. I am also glad that Bucky has been given a a music break too. Always liked these two on AI.


Thanks for giving Bucky a mention!