Dempsey Presented With Baby Scrubs

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Patrick Dempsey was presented with baby scrubs for his soon-to-be-born twin boys during a taping of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, which aired Wednesday.

As a tribute to Dempsey's Shepherd character on Grey's Anatomy, Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd, the tiny blue outfits were inscribed with the words "McCutie" and "McCudlie." Aww.

Baby Scrubs!

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LOL! That is sooo cute! maybe they will be new interns on the show! LOL! ()_()


And I also thought the matching scrubs were a great idea. They were so cute.


It's sad when rumors like that get started. First of all it's usually started by someone looking to start trouble. Second I don't know them personally but why can't a guy and a girl be best friends without people thinking there is something else going on?


i thought those outfits that ellen got made for his was the cutest thing! and i haven't heard about those rumors either, but it is good that patrick is supportive of his wife.


hey burke backer - i never heard those rumors......but like you say they are rumors...i still think that it is great that he is so public about supporting her. I know it is hard to keep family private but i like it when stars are supportive and loving of their family.


I think he is doing a little bit of damage control. There were rumors about Ellen and Patrick being more than castmates. Being a Burke supporter you know what I think about rumors, but I do think he is making a big effort to dispell those rumors by very publicly supporting his wife and I respect him for that.


I just watched Good Morning America and he said that he is successful because of his wife..........awwwwwwwwwwwwww


I thought that was the sweetest thing......... can't wait to see the twins in them.


awwww.... that's sooooo cute.. ^^


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