Round Table: "Six Days (Part I)"

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This week on the Round Table, Drs. Burke and Yang refuse to give an inch, feelings grow between Addison and Alex, Mark is even more of a jerk than usual, and Mer snores up a storm ...

Will Addisex pick up where it left off in Part I? What about O'Callie?

He Loves Her

McCritic: Addison and Alex, really? So soon after she McRebounded and he had his Isobel rung? Let's hope these two give themselves some time to recover before delving into another complicated, work-related romance. Not so for George and Callie, however. He's realized the importance of that very tall drink of orthopedic water and she's sowed her wild McOats. Their time is now.

Married-to-McDreamy: I definitely hope that Alexisson will pick up where they left off. Those two would certainly make for an interesting - and quite attractive - couple. As for O'Callie, I'm not so sure. Callie sure seems to be standing by George's side during his father's surgery, but I'm not sure he's ready to dive back into that relationship yet. Poor Georgie seems to be on the verge of a meltdown.

iheartizzie: George does love Callie, but I don't think she's regained his trust, and I don't think he's in the proper frame of mind to be making life decisions with his dad's life hanging in the balance. As for Addex, there's obvious chemistry and willingness on both sides. Alex's admission that he f'ed up Mark's coffee on purpose was the most open, selfless moment he's shown us in two and a half seasons. Once she gets over the obvious "this can't be happening" jitters, Addison will be asking for 50 cc's of Karev. STAT.

[Shout out to fellow Round Tabler AwayWithMerDer, who is absent from the panel this week, and originally coined that last line]

How is Derek supposed to deal with that godawful snoring?

Married-to-McDreamy: I think he had the right idea when he was sneaking out to the couch or the hammock. That was a very nice way of handling it without embarrassing her. Now she is forcing him to stay with her and forgo his sleep at night. Who wants to be operated on by a brain surgeon who hasn't slept? Not me!


McCritic: Have a night cap or nine.

iheartizzie: He could get one of those white noise machines to drown out the snoring, or leave the TV on all night. Derek had better think of something, because sleeping outside in the hammock can't be comfortable, and George doesn't have time to laundry - there's no way those sheets are clean. If he can't get his beauty rest, how Derek do his job? More importantly, how is his hair supposed to look that good?

Who will say "uncle" first, Preston or Cristina?

Married-to-McDreamy: Hopefully someone! Their little game of "uncle" is starting to bore me. Seriously though, I think the scene at the end when she was on the couch in his room gave us a little indication that they do still care about each other and will eventually put their pride aside and reconcile.

McCritic: Cristina, as long as Burke plays his injured hand right. Don't say "uncle," Preston. Don't even say a word. Just moan and sigh every time she walks into the room. If you can muster a tear or two, the game is over. She'll break.

iheartizzie: Cristina. Pride may be keeping her from apologizing to Burke - or expressing whatever it is she is feeling inside - but you can tell she cares about him deeply. Preston won't initiate anything because he feels betrayed, not to mention subdued after another surgery. Once Yang takes the first step, however, he'll realize what he has, and that throwing away the glory that is Burktina on account of hubris would be foolish.

More bent out of shape: Mark Sloan, or that poor girl's back?

iheartizzie: That was one messed up spine, don't get me wrong. But Mark needs to grow one of his own and get his act together. Abusing the interns (and Addison) verbally isn't the way someone should deal with his emotional problems. A self-described pathologically destructive personality, Mark should ask Izzie for a psychiatrist referral.

McCritic: That poor girl's back. Did you not see her try to walk?!?

Married-to-McDreamy: That poor girl's back! Do we even know why Mark is so bent out of shape this week?

Love Triangle?

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you are so cool Burke Baker.


hey burke backer - I think that before Izzie and George found out he had to deal with it but then they were having a lot of sex and up all night. then when izzie and george found out (which didn't take long) he started sleeping on the couch and setting an alarm (that is what izzie said)


Seriously, they need to tell us who is "coming back to life", they just have to. The suspense is killing me!
The O'Callie Thing: Thank God!! Jeesh, it was only a matter of time and George was really starting to make me mad.
Georges Daddy: I'm sorry, I lurve Mr O'Malley, he's so nice, but he is so going to die. Everyone knows it.
Say Uncle: I hope its Christina. They were both wrong on so many counts but Christina has her whole "emotional shortcomings" issue to sort out. Just say it already! Burke and Christina need to get back together, they're so right for each other, even though they are always fighting about something.
Mer's Snoring: Pooooor McDreamy. I feel so bad for him. And Mer must be soooo embarassed.
Izzie's Check: Its so obvious she's giving it to the girl with the back issue. At least some of it anyway. Which is good, that money should go to charity. A lot of it anyway.
The Addisex thing: I'm so with #_Jennifer;; on this one. NEVER getting used to calling it Addisex. It is just too weird. I was so against it before the episode 'cause I lurve Alex and I think him and Izzie are so adorable, but after Part I i'm not sure. He was so sweet about the coffee thing.


On Addisex & O'Callie: Mark's so going to catch them. There's going to be a fight with Karev and Sloan. Addison is gonna walk in and stop there. Derek's gonna walk in, wonder what the hell is going on, smile awkwardly and walk back out. (This is what I wish to see. XD) In all honesty, after P.I, Addisex... who knows. As previously mentioned, there is chemistry there, no doubt - however on the set of Grey's anatomy, all anyone usually does IS rush into the break of things, so we really don't know what's going to happen between Addisex. (I'm never gonna get used to that name.) As for O'Callie... something good is going to happen. I'm not talking about a supposed engagement or anything, you can just tell. The fact that George went and kissed her is meaning enough. Derek and Snoring; Poor guy. He's gonna have to get used to it some how. Something's going to happen and he's going to snap at Meredith, causing her to have some sort of emotional break down at a weird time. She's going to go into the locker room and begin to get misty-eyed, when Derek walks in, and I honestly don't know what's going to happen here. o.o It'd be interesting to see what DOES happen, but... snoring is snoring. You can't do much, except get a nose plug or summin'. (What happened to the 'no sex' thing?) "SAY UNCLE!"
I saw a lot of the critics saying Christina... what if it turns out to be Burke? ;D WON'T YOU BE SURPRISED? I would be too. As many said, christina is... she loves him. As does Derek and Meredith love each other. But she also isn't one to give up incredibly easy, the way I see it. [Not much to say on this] SHAPE
The girls back, for sure. I think Izzie's gonna donate to her cause though, and that's gonna make her feel good. (WHO'S COMING 'BACK TO LIFE' ALREADY?! >O) Okay, not feel good, but somewhat better, per se. Because of the fact that she's already payed off her money, and she gets a whole crapload of interest, she's not too worried about anything for the moment except of possibilities to get rid of the money (because it's the last piece of denny she has that's still with her - what a weird twist...) Anywho, the girl's back is more crazy. But what is up with Mark's attitude? Something will certainly happen this Thursday.


Hi Purplemerder. You're right snoring is a real issue between real couples. I thought he stayed at her house though in season 1 or 2 overnight on quite a few occasions. Maybe she didn't snore then, but it just seems kind of contrived to me now. I could do with a little less intensity in the whole Burke Cristina thing. Wish they could have the snoring storyline at least they would be in the same bed and also talking to each other. LOL


The reason that McSteamy was so frustrated is that apparently that date was the anniversary of Addison having an abortion with his baby. He said to her that she wasn't allowed to comment on his bad day . Then later he asked Addison why she didnt want to have a baby to which she said ..No i just did not want to have YOUR baby


the snoring thing was not an excuse to get them in bed it was about a real relationship....those things happen. when they were together before he was not real because there was addison in the background (even if mer didn't know about her). this is stuff that couples really deal with in relationships and people that you might be with for the rest of your life.....I know that it is not as intense as the whole burktina thing but it is still real life relationships.....


I am a huge Burke and Cristina fan, so they can do no way by me. The "say uncle" game is actually funny and cute, and Burke has to take back control of himself and the relationship, otherwise Cristina will be uncontrollable. I think Cristina respects Burke when he's more assertive in the relationship, even though it frustrates her at times. I think she will be the one to say "uncle" first.


I thought it was a great episode. I loved the interaction between George and his father and George and Callie dancing with glee over 150 cc's. It's so sad that George is losing his father while Meredith chooses to avoid her dad. It was great how Meredith comforted George in the hallway outside his dad's room. Even if they can't be in love, as George used to hope for, I am glad that she can be a good, caring friend to him. The snoring/morning breath issue started out cute but needs to be resolved. I'm surprised there weren't ads for breath fresheners and snoring relief products during this episode! The silence between Cristina and Burke is tiresome. Can't wait to see next week's episode!


I definitely think that Alexison is full steam ahead, so to speak. I am still not convinced it's a good idea, but last night's episode at least made me think it might work. I don't know where that leaves Sloan. He just gets less and less likeable every week. O'Callie is definitely an on and I love that his father thinks she is good for him and "gets him". I think for no other reason than it is his father's kind of dying wish, they will get together. George was actually pretty likeable last night. I loved his scenes with Burke. Honestly, about the snoring thing. I think it is a pretty silly excuse for the Mer/Der folks to see them in bed. None of the other guys she has slept with seemed to mind her snoring. Why should the guy who loves her mind? Of course they were only there one night. He has kind of moved in. IMHO it's kind of silly story line but I think the whole father abandonment thing will be interesting, so this is probably just to hold over the fans until their next story arc. Someone on another forum said something that I thought was so wise. She said she thought the whole "uncle" thing was more deeply rooted. It is really about control. The last tiime Burke relinguished control to Cristina we got tremorgate. I agree. I think he is trying to tell her that he has to at least be in control of himself. This is his information to tell and he needs to decide when and how to tell it. I was so happy that they were still together, they can play control games forever and I'll stil be okay. I loved that he acknowledged that they are still together, but silent. I loved that they laid there and stared at each other. If I were a betting person, I would say Cristina will break first simply because it is a game to her. She still has that little missing maturity chip to deal with. For Burke it is about regaining self control and steering them in a healthier direction. He has more to lose than a game. He realizes that he can't let her take them down some crazy road again. He is sticking, but it has to be a little more on his terms. I'm proud of him for that. Mark and the girl with the spinal deformity should not even be in the same sentence in some ways, but in some ways it is a good question. Mark, no matter how much I don't like his inability to stay faithful, is suffering. He has real self esteem issues and I think he loves Addison. He is hurt by seeing her daily and not being able to be with her. Granted he brought all of the misery on himself, he is still miserable. If Alex and Addie actually have an affair he will be even more miserable. So, I'm not so sure which one is more synpathetic, Mark or the girl with the deformity. In some ways both are deformed and in pain because of it. Her deformities are just more visible. Are either one fixable? That remains to be seen.

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MEREDITH: "Hey, how's it going with Addison?"
ALEX: "She's doing well."

DEREK: "You snore."
MEREDITH: "I do not!"

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