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ALEX: "The vanilla latte? I did that on purpose."
ALEX: "Because he was rude to you."
[they stare at each other, lean in and almost kiss, but are interrupted at the last second by a nurse]
ALEX: "I'm um sorry."
ADDISON: "Don't worry, I'm sorry. Gosh, I'm sorry."
ALEX: "No, I'm okay. I'm just er, gonna-"
ADDISON: "Yeah okay. Yeah."

ADDISON: "Mark, I'm sorry you're hurting."
MARK: "You're sorry I'm hurting or you're sorry?"

GEORGE: "130cc! 130cc of shiny yellow urine!"
CALLIE: "130cc in how long?"
GEORGE: "Four hours."
CALLIE: "No way! That is fantastic!"
GEORGE: [dancing, kissing her] "Thank you."

"I'm a girl with abandonment issues. You have to sleep with me from now on."


MANAGER: "I'm sorry, did you say-"
IZZIE: "You need to take it. Just take it please."
MANAGER: "Is that? It's covered in food. Is this some kind of joke?"
IZZIE: "Yes, it's kind of a joke. A really cruel joke."
MANAGER: "I'm sorry, you want to deposit this?"
IZZIE: "I wanted to deposit it. Do you think I would look like this?"
MANAGER: "I don't understand."
IZZIE: [crying] "I'm supposed to do something good. I'm supposed to do something good and I... Can you just deposit the damn thing already?!"

MEREDITH: "Oh, you have got to be kidding me? Where's George?"
DEREK: "Spent the night at the hospital."
MEREDITH: "And you slept in his bed! All night?"
DEREK: "No, right after you fell asleep."

GEORGE: "I'm not scared."
CALLIE: [stares] "You sure about that?"
GEORGE: "Okay, now I'm scared of you."

ADDISON: "If you say something wrong, then you apologize."
PRESTON: "I didn't do anything wrong."
ADDISON: "Did she?"
PRESTON: "She doesn't seem to think so."
ADDISON: "That's pathetic."

MRS. O'MALLEY: "Is that your ex-boyfriend?"
MEREDITH: "No, that's my ex-father."

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