American Idol Controversy Continues: More Antonella Barba Pictures

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Topless and Having a Ball
Lakisha Jones or Melinda Doolittle?

Chris Sligh or Blake Lewis?

This season of American Idol has produced debates and controversy already - but none more so than the Antonella Barba pictures that have surfaced on the Internet.

The New Jersey native is topless ... but covered up. She's young and having fun ... but a little too much?

Readers have left numerous comments, sharing their feelings.

We appreciate all views, ask you to keep it clean and are here to present a few more pics of Antonella from her past.

Again, we're not here to judge - we'll leave that up to Simon, Paula and Randy. We just wish to provide fans with all the information we can:

Getting Her Crunk On
Flipping the Bird
Breasts On Parade
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She absolutely should be kicked off. American Idol set the rules when they started kicking off contestants for unflattering photos and acts when they were of age. Now why would they or should they change? Singing ability (and she has very little of that) has nothing to do with it since it had nothing to do with the other Idol contestants that were removed for so called questionable acts.


how is it they can kick off some for bad behavior, but not her. just cause she's cute. Be fair


that is not her giving a blow job does not even look the same- the media is ridiculous


Is she the only 20 year old woman in the entire country, who has provided fellatio to someone she has obviously consented to mutually engage in sexual relations. DOUBT IT!
Relax everyone! Women and men have engaged in this mutually gratifying sex act since the beginning of time.
Bottom line, she needs to be judged on her voice and nothing else.


I think she should be kicked off, so many other GOOD idol contestants have been kicked off for similar things. She's not even that great of a singer,after last weeks Round, she should've been gone. What makes her more special than the others that got kicked off? NOTHING! so sorry she has to go. Everyone is entitled to a private/personal life,but there's rules to american idol, and signing that contract states that if anything like that happens u have to leave. If it goes for one past idol,then it goes for all, she has to GO!


She has to go, only fair.


I really don't care what they show or don't show, but isn't it rather hypocritical of American Idol to keep her? They did dump someone (I believe her name was Frenchie?) for posing in some very revealing lingerie for + size women. Is it ok for Antonella because she isn't overweight? I'm just having a hard time understanding why some can get away with it and others can't. I heard that there was a picture of Antonella (another revealing one) at the World War II Memorial in not know if that rumor is true or not. If it is, shame on her for her disrespect. If it isn't true, shame on the rumor monger who is adding fuel to an already ugly fire.


She needs to go. Not American Idol material.


well since these were most likely taken before she tried out...WHO CARES...I am sure there are pictures of everyone out there that were taken during a party that we are all not too proud of...GROW UP!!!!


The bj pics definitely looks like her. If it was not her,it is her twin. Seriously. It is her and whoever posted them should probably be locked up. However, the truth is that pics of underaged girls are posted on the internet all the time and there is just no way for officials to figure out who posted them. People are seldom if ever prosecuted for posting such pics,unfortunately.