Katherine Heigl Suspends Contract Talks

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Katherine Heigl Suspends Contract Talks
Fans adore Katherine Heigl, but the 27-year old actress isn't feeling the love from the network that broadcasts her hit show.

A source tells People that Heigl has dropped out of contract talks with the producers of Grey's Anatomy over salary.

"Katie is disappointed and hurt that Touchstone doesn't value her as much as her other co-stars, especially Sandra Oh and Isaiah Washington," the source says.

Heigl plays Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens on the ABC hit medical drama.

A rep for ABC Touchstone TV declined comment. We will have more information on this situation as it develops. Presumably, Katherine has merely postponed contract negotiations until a later date, and is not necessarily planning to leave Grey's Anatomy. Hopefully, the sides will come together and this member of the terrific ensemble cast will be retained.

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"In my opinion, she also does a great job of self promotion." Standing up for one's friends is NOT self-promotion. I happen to admire her for speaking up about the gay-slur issue. Another thing, actors do not get interviewed in talk shows if they aren't doing publicity for something. They can't just wake up one day and decide to appear on Letterman because they feel like it. Katherine has been in a lot of talk shows recently but that's for the show's publicity and the Pedigree Adoption Drive in N.Y. (she was the spokesperson). She was there to promote her charity. How can you not admire that?


Give her the $$$$$. She's my favorite on the show. I know everyone that watches it with ♥ her too!!! I think she deserves it too!! I wouldn't watch if she wasn't on there. BTW...I am a 25 yr old chick so I don't just like her because of her looks either she's great for the show.


sorry a small mistake>>.. There is nothing wrong in her asking for a raise..


To an extent, it matters how long you have been in the whole show biz, but we also need to look at the quality of work. SO, IW, PD are very good actors, but so is Katherine. We can't complain she is whinny, because she is just doing her job. What she is onscreen does not necessarily reflect who she is off screen. The fact that people believe she is a whinny charecter off screen portrays that she is such a good actress. There is nothing in her asking for a raise, since her charecter has developed so much more, and it is unfair if she is not appreciated for what she does.


I don't believe she deserves the same pay as IW and SO, if that's what she's saying. You have to look at their experience. PD, SO and IW have been in the business much longer, and are phenomenal actors with numerous films and/or stage work on their resume. They were household names before they started on Greys, maybe not SO, but IW and PD. They've been around since the early 80's. I agree she should get an increase, along with everyone else because the show is doing so well, but equal pay to SO and IW...no. And comparing herself to IW and SO, you have to wonder if she's serious. If I had to put my money on who leaked the story, and I would say it was her PR people, and I don't think she's as upset has she pretends to be or as the media is making her out to be. It's just another way to stay in the news.


grey's anatomy is an ensemble show. they may focus a little bit more on the mer-der dynamic but all the characters contribute to it's success. otherwise, they would have done a show about only derek and meredith. it will definitely be a big loss if izzie or any of the interns and doctors leave. i admire katherine for standing up for herself. she is under a long-term contract but actors have an option to renegotiate after a few years. no actor would ask for a lot of money at the beginning of a show when they still don't know if it would be a hit. it did become a hit, that's why they are all renegotiating their contracts. why else would the bosses even waste their time negotiating with her? remember patrick dempsey's renegotiation just a few months ago? it also caused quite a stir then. notice any similarity? i think it's touchstone who leaked both negotiations to gain some media leverage ("let's make the actress look greedy so we can keep giving her crappy pay"). I don't think she's whiny. she's just asking for what she deserves and what she deserves is equal pay.


Well thanks Burke Backer for not riping into me and saying something mean. Your right, the media was different back then then it is now and I totally forgot about mentioning Sandra Oh and how she isn't always in the press for negative things or Patrick. But still...the media sucks for just ripping into the cast like this just because they can't find any other television cast to report on.

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