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New Antonella Barba Photos Surface

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For now, Antonella Barba remains on American Idol.

Viewer feelings seem to be mixed about whether or not she ought to continue on the show after a few topless pictures surfaced.

Below, however, we've uncovered NEW Antonella Barba pictures. She isn't nude, but she's posing provacatively. Will such decisions force the hand of American Idol producers? Might this singer be booted off for reasons other than her lack of vocal talent? Only time will tell ...

Antonella, Exposed

Come Hither
Antonella Barba Nude

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hothothot! I LUV U


I think she is the biggest DISGRACE to american idol. She has no class at all, a true pig!


Gross? Yea right! That chick is hot as hell!


If you are so PC that you feel uncomfortable, move to another country. Dear Bones,
There is a difference between being PC and being a dirty whore....just so you know for future reference.
Thanks P.S.
Dave, this is not a chat about the war...this is a chat about a typical "Jersey Girl" gone bad...very rotten cheese bad...and it's unfortunate...but it has nothing to do with Iraq...just her rack...retard


Let's make her the next American Idol!


who r we to say what she can or can not do,does or does not do for she is not telling us what we should do is wish her all the best in what ever she does


Quit hatin wh0 givez a fuK if she exposed herself wit th0se picz shes hella g0rgeouz s0 u haterz quit hatin n get 0ff her CliT beyotch....


you know that she can do what she wants it is her life and none of those pictures are her you can tell diferent hair and every thing. She is still young yet.


I think that she should be off idol. I think we should have better standards for our childrens idols and who they look up too. I think this is nothing more than a little slutty girl.. She doesnt have my vote!!!!!!!!!!!


Decent, not great singer, awesome looks. "Gross"? Oh, sure if you're a girl. I wouldn't want to see any of the guys nude either. Hardly the shocking nudes people are making this out to be. Give her a break. Jealousy doesn't suit you, recognize it for what it is when you're clearly feeling it.