Round Table: "Some Kind of Miracle"

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This week on the Round Table, Miranda stirs Chief Resident talk, Izzie and Callie spar (again), Mark swears off sex (really) and Mer gets a little help from the dead in findin the will to live ...

Will Mark last 60 days?

Mark & Derek
iheartizzie: Hells. No. I don't think Mark Sloan means to be a bad friend or home-wrecker, but these things happen when your libido is twice the size of Seattle Grace Hospital. You can't teach an old, mustachioed, sex-crazed dog new tricks, people.

Married-to-McDreamy: Yes. I actually do think that he will. I think that he is crazy about Addison (with good reason!) and I think he'll do what it takes.

The only potential problem will be if Addison leaves Seattle Grace for this mysterious new job that we're hearing about...

McCritic: Probably. But someone better hide Olivia from this sex-crazed doctor. And everyone else in Seattle Grace might wanna check their legs periodically for signs of Mark humping.

Which character would you want to come back more: Denny or Dylan?

Kyle Chandler

Married-to-McDreamy: Dylan! That man is so very attractive (sorry, iheartizzie). Who can resist a guy in a bomb squad uniform?

McCritic: Dylan. Denny is a really nice guy and everything, but Dylan saves lives.

With bombs such as the Callie/George marriage and the fight for Chief Resident waiting to explode, we're gonna need someone who knows how to dismantle these devices under pressure.

iheartizzie: TV needs more Denny Duquette. Slightly rugged, drippingly charismatic and full of sage advice. This man needs his own show! Dylan Young has already found is true calling as a West Texas high school football coach. We want more Denny, Shonda Rhimes!

Who will remain in George's life longer, Izzie or Callie?

McCritic: Callie. The vows say until "death do us part," right? Unless Shonda and company have another brain freeze and lamely pretend to kill off another character, the mainstays seem safe for awhile. Izzie better get used to it.

Izzie Stevens
Married-to-McDreamy: Hmm. This is a tough one. I actually think they both will. Izzie is a good friend, even if she doesn't always handle herself appropriately, and Callie will be a good wife, even if they got off to a rather unusual start.

iheartizzie: Isobel. George even admitted, in the midst of telling the brash Dr. Stevens to back off, that he might have made a mistake. Not a good sign.

Let's just hope Izzie realizes that sometimes, the best way to be there for her BFF is to let him figure his own problems out.

Will Miranda be named Chief Resident?

iheartizzie: Do I heart Izzie? Is the Pope Catholic? Does Patrick Dempsey have the best head of hair in Hollywood?

McCritic: Yes. Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow. But someday, and for the rest of her life.

Married-to-McDreamy: Definitely! Dr. Bailey was running the show in that room when they were trying to revive Meredith. Where was that chirpy other woman? Oh right. Standing in the waiting room with a clipboard. No contest.

Did you ever stop believing Meredith would pull through?

Married-to-McDreamy: No. I knew she'd pull through. I wish I did stop believing, though, as that probably would have made the show a little more captivating last night.

McCritic: No. She has too much grit, too much determination, too much of her name in the show's title to drop dead like that.

iheartizzie: Yes. As I said in last week's "Drowning On Dry Land" edition of the Round Table, Meredith had lost the will to go on. I wasn't sure she could recover that as easily as she could make Doc appear out of thin air. Luckily, Denny and Ellis helped our girl come to her senses, just in time.

Round Table: "Some Kind of Miracle"

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I think it was a great 2-part episode....There was some incredible acting, some great scenes...and a lot of filler we could've done without. I agree, it's TV, not real life - so I can suspend belief / reality to accept the premise - as long as the other elements are there - quality writing, realistic character development, appropriately paced story. I thought Sandra Oh and Patrick Dempsey's performances throughout were superb. Washington's moments with Oh at Joe's bar were great - it proved to me why they were together. Heck, when we got to see the cast interacting it was ALL good....but I don't think that was 120 minutes of great tv. (Or maybe it wasn't even that much, seemed like there were more commercials than usual). Sorry to be so gripy....I'd just like to see some 'relatively' calm episodes with character are Mer & Der growing their relationship? How are the wedding plans for Christina and Burke going? How are George and Calllie adjusting to married life? What is the Chief going to do now? How are Addison and Mark coping with their 60 days of celibacy.... I mean, the ground is FERTILE with plot lines. I don't need CGI and bodies everywhere to be fascinated....


Does anyone know if there is a new episode of greys next week??


I personally think Addison will have more trouble sticking to the moratorium on sex than Mark. Both Dylan and Denny should stay dead. How can Izzie move on if Shonda doesn't? Dylan was there for such a short time we didn't even get to know his character. He is defnitely cute, but come on, two episodes and minimal screen time. It is time to let him stay in the afterlife in peace. Denny was a cutie but he is dead. Move on. There are enough live characters not ot have to give up screen time to the dead ones. I have to say Callie should remain in George's life longer. He married her. He has made a commitment to her. Izzie is a friend. She needs to remain as a friend and be supportive to George. Of course Bailey will be Chief Resident, whatever that is. If her competition is Sydney she is a shoe in. No, I never for a minute thought they would kill off Meredith. I was more worried about who the second death would be and was relieved to know that we were all right from the very beginning. It was Ellis whose mind was already dead and who was not as important to the majority of us as any of the original cast members.


I loved this episode. I was so scared before that Meredith would die, but she didn't, so yay! Patrick Dempsey was also at one of his bests, I think. It takes a great actor to be able to pull off that intense of emotion, and he did it exceptionally well.


Like the two first parts of this episode I have the feeling of something missing (emptyness!!). It was indeed perfect acting no doubt about that it was like they had to stretch the story to cover the 42 minutes. I hope they will add some real passion in the next episodes which, if my information is right, should be only 6 more. A break of 3 weeks does not even affect me which was not the case in December. Am I the only one with this feeling?


Lat nights episode was a good episode. I dont want to wait until March 15th to see the next episode but on it tells you what the next episode is about.But last night when mark and addison made their bet addison said that there was possibly nobody else that she will sleep with but i bet it will be her and alex. That would be interesting.


What an intense episode! I was in tears for practically the entire thing.
Does anyone know where we can watch a preview for the next episode on March 15th?


They should have killed Merideth! Just think of the TV history that would have been made! No other show has ever killed the "main" character before and carried on. That would have been much more interesting to watch and the ratings would be even stronger after she was see what happens. They committed the biggest sin in TV - they "Jumped the Shark" last night. With such a great ensemble cast, the show would have been great (in my opinion better) without Merideth. But now, we go back to having to listen to her whine and moan about relationships etc. That's getting old. At least it wasn't "all just a dream." As I was watching the episode, I was cheering for Merideth to stay dead (for reasons mentioned above). I told my wife that if she lives...I will no longer watch the show. If a ratings winner and well written show has to stoop to such a low level to get even more ratings, then I feel used and manipulated. Very disappointing. They had a chance to make history, and instead ruined a great show. I hate to say this, and I'm mad as hell about it, but I won't watch Grey's Anatomy again. That may be a childish attitude, but I am really mad at them for the "miracle" of Merideth living. Signed, A Mad and Disappointed Former Viewer


I cried my eyes out. I think this is one of the saddest episodes yet. And Derek aka McDreamy was so sad. I cried for him. and i know they didnt show any clips for next show so people are like will there be another episode. Guess again! There will be another episode, just wait and see!!!


I loved it, but there was one thing that I thought was a GLARING oversight. Where was Merideth's father and the step-family. Surely, someone would have thought to call them. I think they should have skipped the talking with dead people and had the family on instead.

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