Round Table: "Wishin' and Hopin'"

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This week on the Round Table, the Denny Duquette Clinic opens, Mark reverts to his steamy ways, the O'Callie marriage faces its first test, and Meredith feels anything but average ...

Did Izzie just waste $8,000,000?

McCritic: In terms of patient care, definitely. A safe sex brochure costs about 40 cents. But Dr. Stevens managed to beat out Mike Tyson and MC Hammer for quickest use of $8 million. She averaged a cool million/day in order to construct that free clinic. That mark should stand for longer than Denny lived.

Isobel Stevens


Hospital bed: $200
Box of surgical masks (size medium): $40
Saving one motherless girl from teenage pregnancy and STDs: Priceless.

iheartizzie: It's too early to tell. Having established the organization a whole eight days ago, there hasn't been time to wage a serious marketing effort. Have no fear. The clinic will one day be a resounding hit with the STD-ridden, possibly pregnant populace. The only problem may be if the budget doesn't allot for a bouncer. Once word gets around that hotties like Drs. Karev and Stevens are on staff, the line will be out the door!

Healthier course of action: Taking a cold shower or sleeping with Mark Sloan?

JuJuSage: COLD SHOWER! You'd think that with Addison's track record with men, she'd be able to play the game by now. Come on Addison, you're not THAT old! You remember how 20-something boys behave - play the game and win Karev. Don't take the consolation prize. You already made that mistake once.

McCritic: A cold shower. And to think, all Addison had to do to learn such a lesson was walk a few feet over to the Denny Duquette free clinic. Miranda would have given her the same speech about va jay-jay use that the 14-year old girl received.

iheartizzie: Mark Sloan. It's not like she married the guy, or didn't abort his baby. The Mark Sloans of the world are paradoxical: abhorrent, yet irresistable. Trusting one of them emotionally would be a grave mistake, but why deprive one's self of the pleasure derived from an occasional fling? Plus, cold water doesn't clean out your pores.

Is Meredith ordinary?

Meredith Grey: Anything But Ordinary
JuJuSage: Yes, Meredith is ordinary. She is smart, kind, and hard-working, all of which are great qualities, but none of which make her extraordinary. Who cares though? If being extraordinary means being like Ellis Grey, then being ordinary and having a great career, a loving boyfriend, friends, and Joe's down the street, seems like a pretty great ordinary life.

And at least every morning she gets to wake up next to extraordinary hair...

McCritic: Of course not. She has a show named after her. Then again, so does George Lopez. Ellis Grey might be on to something ...

iheartizzie: She sure is, and that's why we love her (well, at least two thirds of this panel does). Meredith's vulnerabilities, emotional shortcomings and bad decisions are part of what makes her human. Plus, there's a thing called balance. Maybe she's not cutthroat enough when it comes to her career, and she's certainly a handful for the men in her life. But at least she has men in her life. Give her a break, Ellis!

Will the O'Malley marriage last?

iheartizzie: Of course. For all their emotional shortcomings, these two are made for each other. The sparks flew from the moment George flew down the stairs and landed in arms (which wrenched his dislocated shoulder back into place). It will be a bumpy ride at times, but now that George stood up to his McJudgy friends, Callie can rest easy - unless that sex machine Bambi keeps her up all night, of course.

McCritic: Yes. Once you move past the Britney Spears/Jason Alexander Las Vegas marriage duration of 52 hours, you're set for life. George and Callie might as well order matching sets of rocking chairs right now.

JuJuSage: In Greek history, Iphigenia was sacrificed by her father, Agamemnon, before he went to battle in the Trojan War. Is Calliope Iphigenia Torres O'Malley sacrificing herself into marriage on behalf of the grief caused by George's father? Even more intriguing is the reason Agamemnon sacrifices Iphigenia in the first place: to win back Helen of Troy, the most coveted woman in the world.

We all know who George has most coveted at Seattle Grace - will this marriage somehow lead him to her? If it's any indication on the O'Malley marriage, when Agamemnon sacrificed Iphigenia, he wos Helen…

The O'Malleys

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i hate izzie for what she said about george and callie's marriage. It was not a big mistake it was awesome!! i love callie and george together and i hope they stay married forever! it's about time something good came for george, and seriously, who else would he be with? i hated that olivia girl, so please, no!! and izzie and meredith are out of the addison? wtf!! no!!! callie and george all the way and if they break up i'm seriously not watching grey's anymore!!! seriously!!! so shonda better be reading this!! george and callie for life!!!!!!!!!!


Omg!!! i was so happy to hear that George and Callie got married. I'm glad they did. They really make a great couple. Callie knows George best and i think George does to. But i do think they moved alittle to fast but they are meant to be. I love you george and callie.


Sorry, O'Malley girl. I like the characters of George and Callie, but I think the marriage was impulsive. They were very cute together though this past episode. I loved that he stood up for her against Izzie's rude statements. I like George, and Callie is growing on me. I hope they are happy. You never know. Sometimes impulsive works out just fine and the ones who have planned and waited for just the right moment don't work at all. I sure wish you would get over hating Burke, though, because I love him and it completely makes me sad to hear anyone say that. I don't understand it at all because he does so many really great things. Even George doesn't hate Burke. He admires him and respects him which is why he goes to him for advice. Burke was the one who gave him a place to live when he moved out of Meredith's house. I am curious about Burke's reaction to his marriage. Some of my favorite scenes before Cristina and Burke started talking again were between Burke and George. They have a really nice relationship. Anyway, I don't think the marriage at this moment was a good idea, but I will hope with you that it works out well for them and that they stay together.


omally girl - i think that Callie and george will stay married i just think that there will be some ups and downs while they get to know each other for real....last time it was Callie who was the pig and he was the chicken.......


I actually suspect that George and Callie will still be married sweethearts at their 50th wedding anniversary. It was an impulsive wedding but I think it will stick. I could see them having a bunch of kids.


purplemerder-well, i didn't say it- i just thought of it--- wtf is with everyone and there "glass half empty" attitude about George and Callie's marraige... I think they are the CUTEST couple-my friend even says that they are the best couple and she hates George (can't imagine why!!!)
wat evr...
wat evr... personally, tho i HATE burke, i think they will have a successful marraige. some ups and downs, but overall, a good marraige!


Love Burke and Cristina. I also think that George would be better suited with Olivia, and to be honest, Callie has more chemistry with Mark than George. I also liked the Chief and Ellis. The scene where they talked about the future they would have had was so sweet and sad. Great news! 24.3 miillion people watched the show last week.


Hi Sam, I wish I understood what you were talking about. I haven't read anything terribly hurtful from anyone and I don't know you or your friend. But don't worry. I am not so thin skinned. I can tell you though that I have been called slurs in the past and they do not define who I am nor to o they hurt me. I consider the source and go about my life. Revenge is not all that it is cracked up to be. When someone hurts you and apologizes you accept it and move on. So if you or your friend hurt me in some way, even though I am unaware of it, I am not mad at you and if you were to apologize, I would accept it and move on.


I am so sorry Burke Baker my friend wanted to be funny and said something very hurtful to you. And I would never say something like that. I hope your not too mad at me.


Let's rename this show the Grey Fantasy Anatomy.
TR is gay and goes on TV to tell everyone and the show has him marrying and so happy. Burke makes me sick everytime I see him. Mers mom remembers everything except the last 5 years. Callie and George are going to live with Mer. You couldn't do a simple blood test that would have told you that the woman's blood was toxic. A clinic is up and running in a week, it's free and no one shows up.
I am well aware that this is a TV show, but if you are going to have so much fantasy then say so at the start. It is also a bad sign when a show has to do a three part eposides.

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