Antonella Barba Commentary: Booted American Idol Contestants, Hugh Hefner Speak Out

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Antonella Barba in Playboy? Based on the recent controvsery surrounding this American Idol singer, that wouldn't be so shocking.

Laura Saltman of Access Hollywood was at the Playboy Mansion for the party celebrating the season three premiere of the E! channel's The Girls Next Door and asked for the Playboy boss's take on the racy photographs courtesy of this New Jersey native.

Antonella Barba Pic
"She really looks sexy here," Hugh Hefner said upon seeing the Barba photos.

Asked if he would consider making Antonella an offer to pose for Playboy should she be voted off Idol early, Hefner answered: "Very real possibility. Yes, absolutely."

Elsewhere, the contestants that ere voted out of American Idol last week were asked about the pictures, as well.

Leslie Hunt, the 24-year-old Chicago native, said: "There's certain hype that comes with her, and that's not really something I understand. It doesn't excite me that she has pictures like that. I mean, who doesn't? Whatever, get over it. But I knew getting into this that it wasn't just about singing."

Alaina Alexander bombed out with the Dixie Chicks song "Not Ready to Make Nice," but wasn't afraid of any Antonella-type pictures getting her into trouble.

"No, I wasn't worried," Alaina said in response to a question about racy photos she may have. "It's unfortunate when that happens, but you have to keep going. I didn't really pay attention to the Internet or newspaper so I could stay focused, but I overheard people talking about it. Antonella's strong and doing just fine and she'll pull through."

But what about the fellas? Are they surfing the Web, looking for Antonella Barba nude? And were the guys talking about what happened with her. AJ Tabaldo responded to the inquiries.

"There's some sleazy people out there doing sleazy things and I feel bad for her, but she's beautiful and she's going to do well. But we tried to stay away from it."

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Everybody should relax....she s a hottie and that sales...period. We have to stop thinking that looks as a precursor to success does not exist. It does and always will. Just like some of the other unfair advantages, tall vs short, white vs black, beauty vs beast...come on folks, wake up


Yeah, I heard "ANT" Barba's brother and friends set that whole online photo thing to get her attention. It was all fixed to get her out there and more votes. How cheap is that?
Cheap shot and unfair to the better vocalist.


If Antonella is smart when she loses, she will turn down Playboy if she gets the offer. Once she does this aweful magazine, it will show her desperation for publicity, another words, it wasn't about her voice, it was about her getting any attention anywhere money buys. So if she truns down playboy, she may actually get a decent offer from someone worthwhile, unlike Simon's trashy show. If she has the brains and I know she doesn't, perhaps her parents might, but if she is clever as she thinks she is, and turns down the playboy, if asked, she may just get a decent respectable break, maybe on a TV series or movie. But once she goes for the money and shows her ass to America, even if photographed well, she then puts herself into a whole dofferent disrespectful category. She will get a year of attention and then everyone will forget her and she will just be known for the gilr who got her photos online to hype her votes. Everyone thinks she created this stunt to get more votes and I am thinkin' this too now.


I agree, it looks like someone is helping Antonella stay and helping her. Something is fishy on this fake and boring show. Once they allow stuff like this to go on, they underestimate American's integrity, alot will find it to be a dishonest show with no real standards. They say America votes, but we all know after Bush became President, that corruption is everywhere. Antonella will get her 15 minutes after losing and her Mother and Father will regret she ever got into this crap and her friend who originally brought her to the show, will have the last laugh. Are they even friends now? I doubt it, cause Antonella used her for the info to get on. All despicable! This show is losing its integrity and going down fast. I too am getting bored of the bull.


I find it appauling how "SIMPLE SIMON" is now turning his show into American Model by keeping Antonella...Everyone knows he would prefer to dump his annoying Brit girlfriend with annoying accent to pork Antonella a few times...I heard they were giving her and only her a vocal coach...Did you notice when they pretended to almost vote her off last show, by saying, "Sorry, you have to see Simon again next week"? Well, did you notice Antonella's expression was, "Excuse me, I was told it wouldn't be me, whats happening"? She gave it away that she knew it wasn't her, by her reaction...She is being helped by the Show and Simon to strengthen her voice to surpass the others, they think her look will sell cd's a little, so they want to bank on her...Meanwhile idiots like Hugh Hefner will offer her to show herself to the world and she will and her Mother and Father will let her...Where's the class in this world...None since Simons been here, thats for sure and he's so plain looking and so annoying, that accent is like chalk on a chalkboard!!! Screech!!! YUCK!!! Let Jordan Sparks get her award already, she's the star, let Antonella do the porn she always wanted to do and name it "Slutz R Us" !!!


When will we stop being deaf and allow our eyes to stop cancelling out what our ears hear? She can't sing. The {photogenic} Jersey Girl is going home in two weeks, at least that's the line on the over/under.